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Little Domerette

Mon called me last week to tell me that The Shirts got to Tuscon on time, and that Makana would be wearing hers on gameday. What a cutey :)

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Be What You Are

If Donald Trump came down from one of his buildings and lived on the streets like a beggar, what would we think? If Shaq were to try his hand at gymnastics, how seriously would he be taken? If a dog were to walk out of a house on two legs, leash in paw, leading its owner by that leash around the block, would we think nothing of it? If a decrepit old man, an invalid for years, were to tell his caretakers that he wanted to climb K2 in several months, would his caretakers let him? If an old woman, joyfully married to her husband for over fifty years, were to wake up one day to hear him say, "I don't love you anymore," how would she feel?

F.F. Bruce observes of Paul's epistle to the Ephesians that 4:22 - 24 is an exhortation to "be what you are!" The effectual call of God has made us new, made us holy. Therefore, we are to be holy, we are to live in holiness.

Just as we would be shocked to see a dog walking its owner, so it should be shocking to us that we do not live as the holy saints we already are. Just as it would be absurd for an invalid to think that he could climb K2, so it is absurd for the believer to think the he no longer has the right to kneel down at the cross with every other wretched, broken sinner found there. Just as it would crush and grieve a woman to hear her husband tell her of the death of his love for her, so it crushed and grieves our Savior because we did not and still do not always live in accordance with the love with which we are loved.

The reason these things are shocking, absurd, crushing, and grievous is not because we fail and cannot please God, but because we have already been saved from our failure, yet fail to accept God's pleasure in us because of Christ. Be what you are!

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Finally talked to Boss this morning. It's had to have been somewhere around a month since the last time we hooked it up over the phone...too long, way too long. I think the best part of the conversation was when he told me what he'd recently purchased, which in turn brought to mind one of my nicknames when I was in elementary school. Aisoos!

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All the Lights

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Thankful Thoughts

I know that Thanksgiving was last week, but it's never inappropriate to sit back and give thanks for things we ought to be thankful for. With that thought in mind, here are a few things I'm particularly thankful for tonight.

First, for my family. Kason's birthday was yesterday, and even though that little rugrat thinks that his Thomas the Train video outranks talking to Uncle Johnny, I still miss my nieces and nephews more than I miss the surf. Yes, you read correctly. Kavin, quite sage and wise for a little drool machine barely over a year old, was more than happy to talk to his Uncle Johnny for a few moments, unlike his older brother. He muttered a few choice words, then gave me a kiss over the phone. I told his mommy that I think he was trying to quote Frodo's elvish war cry, "Aiya Earendil elenion ancalima!" I still don't get why she was laughing.

Second, for Boyce College students. Every so often, when the Lord taps me on the shoulder and points me in the right direction, I'm reminded of days gone by, days when I was in awe of all that surrounded me. Those days of deep thankfulness, I remorsefully must report, come less and less frequently. The first Student Leadership Retreat I'd went on in the Fall of 2004 was one that taught me a very important lesson: those around me, those with whom my life had become so providentially intertwined, were those to whom I could look for love and trust. They were, I observed, people who understood a good deal more about the gospel than many more individuals found in our American churches. Yet, I find that I've grown, so much so that I've grown out of the humble awe that once came easily. I've forgotten what it was to be in my teens, what it was to leave home for the first time. Instead of joy at those around me, I find pride and own. Tonight, however, I was reminded of things I'd forgotten; tonight, I was in awe once more.

Third, for God's love. The LORD loves with a faithfulness that will never fail, no matter how prone I am to failure. In all honesty, I still don't get it. In spite of that, I'm glad that God, in His love, will never let go of me.

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Ambassadorial Aerodynamics and Acting

Have you ever wondered what those crazy Boyce College Ambassadors are up to when they're not giving tours, hitting the road on recruiting trips, or living the exquisite and exemplary lives that they're so well-known for? Let's take a look, shall we?

Today, several of our male Ambassadors tried their hands at interior decorating. Even though we...uhhh...they thought they did a great job, someone took exception to our...uhhh...their taste in decor. I can't imagine why; it's not like the purse that the flyer was taped to was particularly ugly or anything.

After trying some interior decorating, the guys decided to invent a little game with refrigerator magnets. The goal? Just get it stuck as close to the end of the board as possible.

On the last round, Stretch was a happy Stretch; Rev, not so happy.

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Finals Week: Day One

The visual splendor that is Boyce College and Southern Seminary during Finals Week is inspiring, to say the least. What precisely, you ask, does it inspire? Does the phrase, "after laughing comes crying" have any meaning to you?

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These verses come from Matt Redman's You Led Me To the Cross. The song itself takes me back to days gone by, days when faith in and love for Christ seemed simpler, easier, not so confusing and painful. It's a song that has somewhat of a nostalgic twang to it. But as I listened to it the other night, reflecting somewhat forlornly on where I've come from and where I'm going, I was reminded that this journey I'm on hasn't changed one bit in regard to purpose or direction, even if it often seems that way. If I feel I walk this path in darkness, I have to remember that I still walk the path. Why is that important? My every road leads to the cross.

You led me to the cross
And I saw the face of mercy in that place of love
You opened up my eyes
To believe Your sweet salvation
Where I'd been so blind
Now that I'm living in Your all forgiving love
My every road leads to the cross

Jesus, keep me near the cross
I won't forget the love You've shown
Savior, teach me of the cross
I won't forget the love
I won't forget the love You've shown

And there's an empty tomb
That tells me of Your resurrection and my life in You
The stone lies rolled away
Nothing but those folded grave clothes
Where Your body lay
Now that I'm living as a risen child of God
My every road leads to the cross

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Happy Birthday, Kason!

Hey're six years old now...did you know that three plus three is thirty-three?

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The Boyce College Scandalous Press

Rumor has it that some Boyce College students, in anticipation of the basketball team's first win of the inaugural season, are attempting to keep Achilles, the official Boyce College Bulldog himself, from "letting loose" and "expressing himself" all over the gym floor, as he is prone to do when nervous. How are these proactive students doing this? Well, the use of duct tape has been mentioned, but failing that, former Servant Towel Award winner Robbie Byrd was seen girding himself with the blue towel itself and following Achilles around, plastic bags in hand and around his waist. Robbie's reasoning? "I'm lower to the ground, and Achilles and I kinda walk alike, so I figure I've got the advantage of being able to sniff out when he's gonna blow."

In an effort to aid Jew and those involved in the effort to educate middle schoolers, Brian "Chute-Shooter" Moats was spotted attempting to replicate his now-legendary shoot down the garbage chute in Carver Hall. Mr. Moats even went so far as to calculate when Dr. Draper's Old Testament I class started, and therefore, when our esteemed faculty member should be in class. Unfortunately for Mr. Moats, he neglected to take into consideration that a certain Brown One would Physically Detain our wonderful professor.

Speaking of Jew, middle-school students everywhere are sending him Facebook messages concerning the sin of gluttony, exhorting him to exercise moderation and restraint over this holiday season. He is now in the process of putting together another video in response, and is taking applicants for to replace Buck Buchanan as the "after" guy in the footage. Rumored to top the list is Michael Butterworth, as Butterworth the Younger's hair is something Jew has coveted for quite some time. When asked if he would take Butterworth the Older should his bid for Michael fall through, Jew replied with an unequivocal, "No way! People won't be able to see my hair with my nose in the way!"

Everyone on campus has heard of a guard dog, but it now seems that Boyce College students have taken it to the next level. Since Achilles has been deemed too nervous to perform under pressure, James Losey was seen attempting to employ a guard duck. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the famed frisbee fanatic has placed himself under the protective wing of a feathered friend to keep at bay the foolish fiends with whom Mr. Losey finds fault. What will he think of next? Only time will tell!

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It Begins

Finals Week is here. Hehehehehehehe...

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I find this picture infuriating. God has been doing wonderful things like this to proclaim His glory throughout every moment of history, every corner of His creation. Yet, why should I care?

Don't misunderstand me, as I don't mean to say I'm not moved by such beauty; quite the contrary. In fact, I find beauty such as this to be powerful, keeping me up late at night, causing me to rise early in the morning. Yet, this beauty positively pales in comparison with the beauty of God's powerful, tender, indescribable work in the heart of every one of His saints, those to whom He says, "You are Mine!"

This scene is one that can elicit a sense of awe from my soul, calling me to silence and even reverence of the God who works such wonders. Does beholding the work of God in the soul of man do the same? In all honesty, it doesn't. And that, dear friends, is what can be so infuriating.

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Thoughts: Turkey Week in Review

I'd forgotten how much fun I have playing football, especially throwing the pigskin in tight, perfectly placed spirals to receivers breaking precisely where you think they're going to break. My weather thingy told me the high today was 68° F. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 67° F. I wonder how many I can convince to join me out on the Jo Bowl for a little afternoon frisbee...hmmm. There's something ridiculously wonderful about reading good, cheesy fiction from time to time. My "window" received an upgrade this week; thanks, Pastor Cavie! Seeing Michael Butterworth score a goal is one thing, but beholding his wildly gesticulating body spasm in ecstatic expression is another. I think John Cabal's cheering at Boyce's soccer games is something that should not be missed. Speaking of games, I have just one trivial word for those of you in pursuit of a most elusive victory last Friday: Mordor. Speaking of Mordor, why did they walk? A free meal at Founders' to anyone who can give me the right answer in one try without looking it up or obtaining any other outside help!

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Facial Funkiness

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ND - USC: I Hate Losing

But not as much as I hate losing to USC. We kept it under 31, but four straight losses is a bitter taste not easily washed away.

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ND - USC: At the Half

So we're down 21 - 10. I'm fine with the lack of field goal tries, 'cause I'm not convinced we'd make 'em anyway. What I am convinced of is what I've kept thinking all year: Rhema McKnight this year isn't half the receiver that Maurice Stovall was last year, plain and simple. Mo reminded me of Derrick Mays with the way he'd go up and get the ball. Rhema? How does a receiver who's been hyped so much over the past week drop three balls in the biggest game of the season? I don't know that, but I do know that I think Mo wouldn't have dropped those. I also know that if Rhema doesn't drop those, the score isn't 21 - 10 at the half.

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This particular flavor of Linkage probably tastes a little Irish...

I kinda like that Green Jersey Game, but I'd rather forget the others.

This is probably the coolest male cheerleading ever gets.

Stew clears the air for the Irish fans out there, myself included.

When all is said and done, it's still a lady's game.

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The whole no pictures until tonight thing? Yeah...just kidding ;)

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Seeing Stuff

Unfortunately for you readers, I'll not be able to post any pictures until at least a full twenty-four hours from now. I know, I know, you're desperately awaiting the next post of a visual nature, and those of you who check this humble blog of mine only for the sake of seeing pictures and video are most certainly gravely disappointed at this news. Rest assured, however, that my time spent at Burkey with the Turkeys has not been in photographic vain, and you shall indeed behold many a wonder with your own eyes in but a short while. Until then, I bid you all a fond farewell from Ohio :)

Thanks again, Cavie family!

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Thoughts: Turkey Day at Burkey

I called my mommy, not the other way around. My daddy can talk...and talk...and talk...ask the O'Neals and Momma Cavie. Kayla is definitely a teenager, but who gave her permission to be a freshman in high school next year? I think I fit into Miss Stephanie's doll house better than she does. Pastor Cavie ran interference by taking his shirt off and boxing while Scott tackled an old lady for a coffee maker this morning. Who woulda thunk that Scott O'Neal would have been up for Black Friday when John Letoto wasn't? Wow. Oh, and I just called Malia, forgetting that it was 4 in the morning. Oops.

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Thanks: Smokin'

I'm thankful for smoked turkey. Mmm...and I'm thankful that it'll taste better tomorrow, just like Pastor Cavie says it will :)

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Thanks: Phone Tag

I'm quite thankful for the fact that I have many, many, many people who will call me today. I've become rather infamous for not answering my phone; despite that, people still call, and they still continue to call even when I'm a terrible son/brother/friend/cousin/nephew and I don't call back in a reasonable amount of time. Today, therefore, I'll try my best to answer. Hopefully, my mouth won't be too stuffed with turkey...while I sit munching on Burkey...

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Thanks: Grace

I'm thankful for God's grace. Chriyus once told me that when he thought of me, he didn't think "Calvinist" or "reformed." Instead, he thought, "doctrines of grace." Why? He (jokingly, mind you) said that I was so depraved, there's no other way I could possibly be saved but for grace. I heartily agreed then, and I heartily agree now :) Still, though, I forget to run to the cross. I love to turn away from Jesus, and I love to make my supposedly-superior knowledge of the gospel what qualifies me for the cross. I am, after all, a bible college student, right?

*Sigh*'s a good thing there's just one qualification for the cross: sinner, just like our father Adam. And, just like all others who qualify and who heed the call to the cross, it's all by grace.

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Boyce on Break

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Thanks: Visitation Rights

I'm thankful for friends, not only those that are here, but also those that are far away, and also not so far away. Good friends, though very much a huge blessing, are made doubly so because they're so hard to come by. And yes, you're right, 'Drew, I'll have to visit soon.

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Thanks: re:Morse No More

I'm thankful for Scott's new phone. Why am I thankful for it, you ask? Simply put, we don't have to communicate in a sort of one-sided Morse Code anymore. As much as I enjoy the game of, "beep once for 'yes,' twice for 'no,'" the fun of the game became used up quite some time ago. Now I can call him, and I'll hear his voice when he answers. Perhaps best of all, he won't have to borrow Em's phone, which means that he won't see that silly picture of me with a peanut can on my head nearly so much. Now for that, I give thanks :)

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Thanks: Giving It

I have this tendency. It's not one I particularly care for, but nevertheless, it remains. This tendency causes me to forget the things I should be thankful for, the things that ought to make me stop in the middle of a chilly walk from Fuller to Honeycutt, look up at the boundless canopy above me, and say to no one in particular, "Wow." This tendency puts up an absurd wall, one whereby I neglect to look friends in the eye and, with all the sincerity my silly heart can muster, say, "Thank you."

Thanksgiving Day is less than a full day away. This means that many are brought face to face with the reality of what they ought to be thankful for. Sadly enough, the closest many of us get to having true thanksgiving take on flesh and bone comes in the consumption of way too much roasted fowl. All of us know, of course, that there's more to it than heavily-laden tables and stomachs, but how many of us really allow our thanks to be expressed in proper fashion? Quite frankly, I know that I don't.

What this means, gentle reader, is that for the next two days or so, I'll attempt to give voice and form to the things I'm grateful for. Whatever comes to mind is fair game, so if you're expecting to see something that you do not, have no fear! There may be a particular order, there may not be. There may be a particular structure; then again, maybe not. The point of what I write will be to express thanks. Hopefully, it will be expressed truly, and yea, I even hold out the hopes that it would be expressed fully. I doubt that, though; I've much to give thanks for.

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Sweet Mistake

This picture was pretty much a mistake. I didn't mean to take it the way I did, but when I checked it, I kind of liked what happened. Sweet :)

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Thoughts: Turkey Break

My finger hurts a lot; it's a good indication that I yet live. The coffee from Java is taking a little while longer to kick in today; I may have to go light roast on the next cup. Haven't answered any of Boss' calls for a while, and I'm feeling like a slacker for it. My bad, dude. Speaking of slacking, I just sent off a package to Mon and Dave and Makana that was supposed to have been sent...oh...over a month ago. It's amazing what guilt will do to your spending, 'cause I sent that package Express Mail so that it'll get there by noon tomorrow. Ouch...what a dahmy. Speaking of dahmies, I got a call this morning at about 9:40 from a certain S. David O'Neal, asking for a ride to work. I won't say why he needed a ride, but I will say that his wife took the phone charger with her to Ohio. And yes, it's the very same phone charger that S. David needs for the next couple of days. Oops. My finger still hurts. At least if it starts to hurt on the drive up to the Cavie's, I can stick it out the window to ice it. You know you've been here a while when you see friends move away, move back, and move away again. And you know you've been here a very long while when you see that with a multitude of friends. Gary, right about now is a good time to lie to me again. I'm really diggin' the empty, quiet campus feel. Grumpy old geezers like myself really, really, really look forward to the breaks when all the kiddies go home. Kind of reminds me of Dan Uchida claiming to yell, "Freeeeeeeeeeedom!" whenever the house was empty of all his offspring. That coffee ain't kickin' in like it should, and my finger still hurts.

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TJB 2006

So. Turkey Jo Bowl 2006 has come and gone, and the only remnant I have from it is a sprained middle finger on my right hand. Don't worry, it's not so badly sprained that I'll be flipping everyone off inadvertently for the next couple of days, but I will blame a few of my bad throws on it. Aaahhh, nothing like some football in late November!

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Yes, that's snow on the top of my car. Ugh. And yes, that's Chriyus' booty sticking out of his car. None of his four doors would open any more than what you see pictured, due to the sides of the trailer coming up a little high. It was pretty funny for T.C. and me to realize this, as neither one of us was the one who happened to be stuck inside the car after having driven it onto the trailer. Speaking of funny things in pictures, Mr. Heath Rickmond made a rare appearance outside of his Fuller Hall apartment today. He was even somewhat cordial, believe it or not.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey

Okey dokey, you Turkeys from Burkey. With my little promise of "something you'd laugh at," I figure it's only proper to deliver the goods. Special thanks go to Andrew and Sandi, who were more than happy to comply and aid me in this little endeavor of mine :)

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Rising in Praise

Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the LORD is to be praised.

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Unless my eyes deceive me, there's snow outside. Grrr.

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Outside & Stuff

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