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You know what I find funny? The fact that it took me seven minutes to get through my first twenty-eight voicemails, just so I could listen to the twenty-ninth. Almost three weeks' worth, in case you were wondering.

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Face Book

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Mmmm...that's some pucker factor...but it's also something that makes me want to say, "Stupid haole."

About a third of the way through the video, I think I heard them say "hulimakaflip". Really.

Thick...almost too thick.

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Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the LORD is to be praised.

The sun is not up yet; it's cold, and early. The most important thing for me to do this day? To praise the LORD. I've got a great job.

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Quick thought: Dr. Mohler seemed to be preaching the Word in a way that was far more near and dear than I'd ever heard from him before. Very, very vulnerable.

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It's a good thing Rob Smythe is as tall as he is, 'cause otherwise, he'd be mistaken for Lance Limanti a whole lot. When Chriyus walked into my room this morning, it was like he'd never left. Why do I feel as though Ryan Fullerton talked about me a lot in his sermon on Sunday? Gotta love those Prestons! I'll love 'em even more 'cause of that promised can opener. I'll meet my niece in less than a week; it'll be a Super day, no doubt. I'm incredibly ready for Spring, more than anyone who's never been subject to the atrocity known as Winter can ever imagine. Boss, Boss, day, man, I'll answer. I don't think that talking to John and Jin Gill about food is healthy for my emotional state, as they lament the lack of superb cuisine here just as much as I. I mean, sitting up late at night or early in the morning when I've got the munchies is one thing, but then talking about it with the Gills...oh boy...just adding fuel to the ire.

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Here and There

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Blind & Burdened

I was thinking yesterday about being loving. It's hard, it really is, because being loving means dealing in the truth, and truth can be agonizingly painful. Love can get down and dirty, gritty, and vulnerable, and that's just to start.

I was trying to wrap my mind around why I have such a hard time loving people. When I it hit me, I kind of sunk down in my chair and went, "Eeeewwww!" My conclusion, in all its doctrinal glory, goes something like this: I'm selfish.

Let me rewind. Jesus is good to me, far better than I deserve. My indwelling sin causes me to forget God's promises that are mine in Christ. Because I forget about God's promises, I often fail to live with the hope of Christ and His promises in my heart. Even though my sin, hideous and wretched and offensive as it is in God's sight, blinds me, God's gracious promises are still infinitely more beautiful and vast than my sin. After all, isn't the sting of death removed? Yes, it is removed in Christ! Nevertheless, I'm blinded to God's promises by the effects of sin, even though that sin has been stripped of their threatening power by Christ's death. Why is this? It's because sin is right smack dab up against my face, and in my frail faith, I cannot see around it. It's like having my hand covering my eyes so that I cannot see the vast ocean but a few feet away; my hand is relatively small, yet because it is close, it blinds me to the vastness of the ocean.

Got all of that? Ok, good.

Now, back to my selfishness. If I'm enjoying Jesus, it's much easier for me to want others to do the same. It's when I'm away from Him and not enjoying Him that I really feel the blinding effects of sin. And you know what? If others are enjoying Him, I become jealous, wanting to do the same, yet knowing I'm not.

It doesn't end there. Nope, not by a far cry.

I'm proud, too, because I don't want to admit my sin and subsequent blindness. As a result, the blindness continues. If someone asks me how I'm doing, I tend to want to appear as though I were enjoying Jesus as much as a good bible college student ought to enjoy Jesus. So I lie. Last I checked, lying is a sin. Yup, you guessed it: more blindness.

Wait, the real kicker's coming.

Jesus taught us that in Him, we are one. He prayed to His Father, our Father, that we would be united together, would be one, just as He and the Father are one. We are one with Him, so much so that He is our head and we are His body. I don't need to go into extensive anatomical analogies to convey the point that any loving person is going to care for the hurts of his or her own body! If I am hurting and struggling with sin, that means that someone else is hurting and struggling with sin, too. Why? I am united with them, for we are Christ's body.

The implications for this tell me that when I'm blind and do not see the vastness of Christ's goodness, and am therefore not enjoying Him, the rest of the body will suffer for it. When I lie to someone else, that means that I'm lying to the rest of my own body. Selfish? Yes. But you know what? The converse of this is wonderful, because that means that Jesus' promises mean that others will fight just as fiercely for my own salvation as they will for their own. Of course, that also means that I bear the same joyful responsibility for and to others.

I think love just became much less burdensome.

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Currently Listening


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Boys College

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The Boyce College Scandalous Press

Lindsey Poenie is so unhappy with the departure of her close friend and confidant, E. Brooke Anderson, that Miss Poenie has been spotted neglecting her Student Council duties. Instead, Pone Dome is rumored to be trying out for the circus in hopes that she'll be hired on as Tall Girl. She even has a few tricks up her sleeve, or in this case, on her chin, as her Chinny-Chair-Chair balancing act has drawn a crowd on several occasions. Perhaps the Seminary Sisterhood will unite in intercessory prayer for Miss Dome, in the hopes that a nice, tall young man will come her way to remind her of her...ummm..."duties".

Micah Revell, also known as Hott, has recently reported that his fellow students at Boyce College and Southern Seminary were inquiring as to whether or not he really does have a sister. Mr. Revell's response, thus far, has been nothing more than a plethora of mysterious laughter, dominated by the shaking of his rather broad and muscular shoulders.

Christin Simpson, kleptomaniac that she is, did a little Christmastime chimney snooping and found the Thomas family video archives. The verdict is still out on when exactly the Todd Nod came into existence, but this may shed some light on the highly-debated topic.

News has been broken about an Anonymous seminary female's relational antics, in particular, her "pursuit" of guys. What is not clear at this point is whether or not she is perpetuating this practice amongst her fellow female seminarians, or even if she still holds to this particular belief. What is more, confused males campus-wide are wondering precisely what constitutes "pursuit": a wink, an alcohol-free drink, or a sly comment about guys looking good in pink. Hmmm.

After last night's rousing set of Mafia games, Buck Buchanan is now seriously considering changing his field of study from Youth Ministry to Anatomy. His sober observations on Pablo Butterworth's beet-like ears and James Losey's cankles did not go unnoticed, and as such, are now being hailed as a clarion call upon Mr. Buchanan's calling as an anatomical genius. His own body is not without its own physical prowess, and in recognition of this, the rights to the study of Young Buck's "Buchrack" are being bid upon by well-respected institutes of higher learning everywhere, including but not limited to Logan's Roadhouse, Mark's Feed Store, and Taco Bell.

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Big Picture

This picture has been my desktop image for the past few days. The more I look at it, the more I think that it looks very much like what my life looks like: everything right in front of me is in focus and clear, but very quickly, the image gets blurry and the details fade away. The great irony is that the harder I look, the harder it is to make sense of it all.


I still keep looking, though. If I take a few steps back and try not to make sense of all the details, I find the whole image to be far more beautiful and clear than the bits and pieces that somehow blend into one another.

When I take a look down the road, I want so badly to see all the details, to know what I'm made of, what will be made of me. The funny thing is, we're not really promised any details in life. If anything, we're just given the big picture.

And you know what? That big picture is downright beautiful.

Maybe I'll keep walking.

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Whoa, Women!

Ever wonder what happens when the female RL's of Boyce College are alone and with John Letoto's camera? Wonder no longer, my friends.

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Orient Yourself

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We were hard at work, really we were.

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Not Cool

My weather thingy is telling me it's 21° F right now. Ugh.

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That Jim Winn character may be coming to town soon...sweet. Talking to 'Drew while the late hours turn into early hours is amazing. It's as if we've never aged, yet looking back, I see how far we've come. Like I said, amazing. In less than twelve hours, Boyce College will be inundated with Move-In and Orientation. I need to call Jon Field. He called me last weekend, but I haven't called him back yet. He might have left a voicemail for me; if he did, it would be one of the twenty-something voicemails I haven't checked yet. Why is it that the first thing people ask me when they see me eating food is not even if the food was bought for me, but who did the buying for me? Don't people believe that I can purchase food on my own, and that I'm not always embracing my role as an eternally endearing mooch? Ok ok ok. Stupid question. One of these days, Boss, I'll answer your call. Oh, and Kev, you're right, Gary Lau is incredibly cool. But don't tell him that. Earlier this week, Ashley brought me some whole bean coffee she obtained while in Kenya, and last night, Ashlea brought me a coffee mug she got me on her trip in Washington, D.C. Scott didn't get me anything while he was in D.C. In fact, he still hasn't returned the suit he borrowed for his little jaunt down to D.C. Nerd. May your shoulders remain small forever.

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I'm Feelin' It

Textures fascinate me. Smooth, soft, gritty, bumpy, slick, rough: even the words used to describe textures can themselves evoke various feelings and reactions.

Sometimes, words come to be associated with tangible, physical feelings we've experienced. For instance, the word "silk" would rarely make someone think of an itchy wool sweater. By the same token, merely seeing the word "cashmere" near a stack of sweaters in a store is enough to make me walk over and feel the fabric.

Of course, the physical sense of touch is not the only means by which one can experience the textures of the world around us; seeing will often suffice. I need not give my dad a foot massage to know what his heels feel like from years of walking, as their cracked, dry, and crumbly images are firmly chiseled upon my memory. Nor, for that matter, need I touch my youngest nephew's cheek as he sleeps to know what almost anyone could surmise: his cheek feels soft, unmarred by exposure to the sun, and still very fresh and new.

Yup...I like textures...they're fascinating.

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