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Upon Further Review

My thoughts on the matter? It was like there were fireworks going off in his pants.


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Long Distance

It's not every day that I get serenaded on the phone from someone in another country. Today's that day :)

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Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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I'll never cease to be amazed at how taking pictures seems so much to be a matter of perspective. The brown and slimy creatures I've been coughing up each morning have started to shed their tan and are now a little paler, a little yellower. They're still slimy, though. I suppose that's a good thing, right? I've started to listen to French Pop. Strange? Not as strange as the fact that I actually found myself walking toward Carver yesterday, trying to figure out how to say certain things in Japanese. Out loud. Maybe my newfound linguistic interest is my way of making up for being the class clown in Uehara Sensei's classes. Be quiet, Mon. Speaking of music, I've rediscovered Loggins & Messina. Every time I listen to Your Mama Don't Dance, I think of Leonard. Heh. Every time I listen to Be Free, I wanna grab a sword and spar in the snow. Don't ask. Oh, I'm listening to Newcomers Home again, too. Good stuff. Too bad they're no longer together. iTunes 7.0x stinks. I'm going on the record with that statement. It's a memory-hogging, CPU-bogging, pathetically-performing piece of...well...nothing good. Do I cut the goat, or do I leave it? Not sure how I'm feeling about it just now. It's probably one of those things that I'll do on a whim one morning. I didn't realize it, but Hilliard actually updated his blog. Flippin' amazing.

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I can't believe I saw what I just saw. Wow. I promised Scott I wouldn't blog about it, so I won't. But I saw it. Wow.

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This was the text message sent to me by Cimato, after she'd already told me that she, Simpson, Sara Sawyer, and Emily were "caught dancing to loud music in Carver" by Dr. Adams:

"It made my life cuz everyone else saw him standing there and I just kept dancing until they yelled at me and I caught sight of D-money."

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The "official" on-campus promotion for Na began last night at Dorm Meeting. Unofficially...well...hey, fifty bucks for Southern/Boyce students is a sweet deal :)

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Will someone please tell me I'm not the only person in the history of toilets and paper towels to drop an entire roll of paper towels into the toilet?




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Rights of Unclehood

It's only torture if he doesn't like it, right?

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Shuttering It

It's no longer in pieces :)

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Ephesians 3:21, 22
Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

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Feathered Focus

I like this picture...but I'm not sure I know exactly why.

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I was chatting with Cimato earlier today when she told me that my blog was acting weird again, 'cause it wouldn't let her access any of the most recent posts. I asked her what she meant, and she said that the most recent post my blog was showing her was the one published on the twenty-first of February.

I must confess. It was at that point that I started to laugh out loud.

I told her that she did not need to worry, as I hadn't posted anything since the twenty-first of February, so she wasn't really missing anything. Shortly after that, I received an email containing the following: "Come back, Johnny! I can't stand another day without a blog update. It's like my day is not complete if I don't know what you're up to." Now, I cannot say with certainty that that email was entirely void of sarcasm, nor that it was utterly sincere in its pathetic begging and pleading, but I can affirm that it made me laugh, almost more than Cimato did.

Oh, the things I find humor in...

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Happy Things

You know what makes me happy? Finding that Bath & Body has a sale on their Breathe line of body wash. This is an especially happy experience because I was low on body wash, and we all know that being out of body wash is a most unhappy experience. An Italian Sub from Founders', served hot on a croissant, also makes me happy, very happy. A bowl of wun tun min from Shiro's would make me even happier, but we won't go there. Talking to my mommy makes me happy, especially when I can hear Kayla, Kyle, Kason, Kavin, and Koen in the background. Of course, happiness is usually short lived, as she has to halt our conversation to scold them. Walking around in weather that's nearly Spring-like makes me happy, too, especially when I know that it's a portent of even warmer days to come. that's a happy thought!

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I think I was awake more today than yesterday.

I think.

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Acute Viral Nasopharyngitis

Ugh...did nothing but sleep all day, but I still feel exhausted...

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More People

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You Are That Man!

I'm not sure if any of you remember, but a couple of weeks ago I said that Ricky and I had been discussing which members of IBC would be able to play the main characters on Seinfeld. If memory serves me correctly, we settled on Kramer and Elaine, but we were still stuck on George, having not even moved on to Jerry. Well, we can move on to Jerry, because I think I've found George:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the man is none other than Richard Double-V Hardison himself, otherwise known as Ricky. He unveiled his Georgeyness tonight while we lounged over at the Kesselring residence, time and time again offering overwhelming evidence that he is as finicky and feisty as the Crazed Costanza himself. He may dispute this, but that would only offer further proof of his true identity.

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In today's sermon, Ryan used an illustration from The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien's beautiful work that describes, amongst other tales, the creation of the earth (Arda), the music and work of the Ainur, and the creation of elves, men, and dwarves. As I sat in my seat, patiently and painstakingly taking notes, my eyes opened wide and my mouth let out sounds I'd rather not repeat, for not only was I thrilled to hear Tolkien's works being conveyed so well from the pulpit, I knew something almost no other present knew: I had contributed to that illustration. You see, I'd had a conversation about The Silmarillion with Ryan a couple of weeks ago. In that conversation, he told me that he wanted to use it to speak about the way God uses all things to His glory, even things that we ourselves may intend for evil.

Why do I point this out? It's not to boast about my Tolkien geekiness, I assure you. Rather, it's to let S. David O'Neal know that Ryan Fullerton has his copy of The Silmarillion. Yup :)

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Request Fulfilled

Since someone wanted pictures, I'm giving pictures.

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Coughing is Cute

I told Mon that I would post this last video I have, it is.

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Putting Out the Fire

It's cold as ice cream out side, but inside here, my throat feels like it's on fire. Ugh. cream would make it feel better...

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Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite 0° F, and maybe my weather thingy was broken for a few moments and I freaked out.


That's all irrelevant, 'cause I'm still freezing my little Hawaiian okole off. By the way, Da Pocho declared I looked like a menehune yesterday. Great...I'm my own quiet, Mon.

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Pathetic Pochos

Wen talk wit Da Pocho in da weight room yestaday. He said I was losing my tan; I lamented the prolonged pathetic state of my skin right along with him. He said this weather is terrible; I bemoaned winter's wretched wrath, also. And now? I look at my weather thingy, and it's telling me we're at 0° F.


What in the world is a zero, anyway? I feel like it should be accompanied by a heavenly host humming the Imperial March or something, you know? I mean, it sounds so daunting, so final, so...ugh... cold. *Shiver*. I'm not haole! I wasn't born for this! Gah! At least Da Pocho and I can lament together.

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An excerpt from a recent journal entry on Psalm 63:

The psalm ends on a note of rejoicing, on a declaration that belief in God brings glory, and that those who speak lies, those who do not believe in the Lord, will be silenced, for they will not be glorying in God. The entire psalm speaks of the way in which God's goodness, lovingkindness, glory, protection, and salvation will be that which sustains the psalmist as well as bring delight to such a degree that he declares it aloud and with his very life.

David begins all of this with a declaration of his need for God. He is in the wilderness, and his body is no doubt undergoing some sort of yearning for the most basic physical sustenance: water. He describes the arid landscape as "dry and weary;" the same could surely be said of his body. Yet, in the midst of this, an incredible, insurmountable need for water, he declares a thirst surpassing even that: a need for God Himself. It is ironic, yet fittingly so, that the man after God's own heart should find such perfect expression in this place. The most basic physical need is water, yet the most unrelenting and dire human need is that which man cannot fulfill on his own, namely, God. Sin severs the ability to enjoy Him, and causes an irreparable breach from the Almighty that no seeking can overcome. Nevertheless, David declares that he will seek Him; indeed, he fully expects to find Him. There is no doubt in David's heart that in seeking God he shall find Him, despite the arid state of the human heart. He speaks of God's lovingkindness being better than life, finding joy and protection in the shelter of God's wings, being satisfied in Him, seeing His power and His glory, being upheld by His glory, and being saved from His enemies. This, despite the heinous state of his sinful soul, a soul with no right to seek God and find Him! This, too, adds to the irony, and it makes it wonderful. The Lord is a merciful God, and He grants grace to the praise of His name. This the psalmist knows, and he cannot hold back from making it known.

Is this not the nature of knowing God?

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Totally Objective

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Touring's Tall Tales

Just finished up playing Spoons with some kids from Fort Meyers. They're on the road with their youth pastor to look at Boyce College, as well as a couple of other schools. Interestingly enough, I learned a few things I wasn't quite expecting. One of the guys doesn't like to use a towel more than once, so if he's traveling and doesn't bring more than one towel, well, everyone else suffers. One of the girls has three legs, and that made it quite crowded under the table while we played Spoons. Another girl has really sweaty palms, and yet another drools. A lot. But perhaps the crown jewel of them all is the one who wears diapers. Yup. Didn't make that one up, really I didn't.

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Feeling Springy

Spring...Spring...Spring...oh, how I want Spring! My weather thingy says the actual temperature is 9° F, but it feels like 0° F. Gross.

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"For what is grace but glory begun? And what is glory but grace perfected? Grace is glory in the bud, and glory is grace at the full."

-Thomas Brooks, Heaven on Earth

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Just yesterday, I found an old friend from high school on Facebook. When he asked me what I've been up to, I only told him that I'm at a bible college in Kentucky. He replied by telling me, "Hasn't it been 10 years since HS now? Your story skips 6 years."

Dangit, it has been ten years, hasn't it? Goshi just had to go and remind me...

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Camp Us

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Cheap Love

My sister is soooo pake.

Not that that's a bad thing. Right, Mr. Lau?

Anybody got a good set of screwdrivers?

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Chit Chat

I just conversed with Jon Field. His wife thought I was Andrew. Silly Amy. Man...I miss Jon...

Still got camera parts on my floor.

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Been thinking a lot about Psalm 63. More on that later; I've got camera parts all over my floor, and I'm determined to make it all work. Of course, remembering which screws went where would be a wonderful start ;)

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Raleigh Ridiculousness

Little known facts about Raleigh Sadler: he's been known to pose as an ethnic minority just to improve his hiring odds at various Abercrombie & Fitch locations; he's hosted "face-offs" in his dorm room in Manly, where Seminary Studs have gathered to give their best "Magnum" face; he's claimed, to on one's gullibility, that his glasses were actually worn once by former President Bill Clinton; he's borrowed various infants and toddlers from married friends just to improve his inter-gender relational status.

If you believe any of that, then you'd probably believe that I'm Mexican, too.

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Singular Solidity

Yesterday, I was telling Scott that the current sign of my firm and unwavering singleness is that even though I realized Valentine's Day was coming up and that it was on a Wednesday, it was not until Monday that I actually thought to myself, "Oh, it's this Wednseday." Church, and the fact that I might have to work and miss it, was and is of far greater import.

Yeah, baby ;)

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What? Kyle is touring with G. Love?

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I Think I Think

I think Scott, Rob, and I have spent more time together today and last Tuesday combined than in the entire year before this. I think I'm going to really really enjoy those sandwiches that Mark Alliett made for me tonight. I think it was great that the Boyce College Bulldogs pulled out a win to end the inaugural season. I think rushing the floor after the clock ran down to zero was one of the most fun things I've done in a while. I think seeing Dr. Mohler watching the game with the students meant a lot to the players and the rest of the student body. I think I'm going to really, really, really enjoy Spring when it finally does arrive. I think going to Maryland and seeing Jim will be fun, but seeing Rev be Rev in Maryland will be even more fun, especially after I teach everyone how to spell his name properly. I think if I ever do get to meet Jack Johnson, I will ask him to make a soundtrack for the Surf Crew. I think if I ever do get to meet Jack Johnson, and I ask him to make a soundtrack for the Surf Crew, he probably won't do it. I think it'd still be cool just to meet Jack Johnson. I think the hair on my chin should be a different color than the hair on the rest of my head. I think purple is a cool color, unlike most guys. I think, despite my affection for purple, that it still should not be the color of the hair on my chin. I think I need to call my mother. I think that many people, when reading my thoughts on my need to call my mother, probably furrowed their brows and pursed their lips in fervent agreement. I think a Facebook group called "Hawaiians at Boyce College" would be ridonculous, since I would be the only one in the group. I think that some people will look at my use of the word ridonculous and think that I've misspelled ridiculous.

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Several observations are in order. First, Boyce College students, upon occasion, have displayed incredible inteptitude when it comes to rhythmic movement. Second, the crop of this semester's incoming students, in all likelihood, will do nothing to change that perception. Third, Buck might have an outy.

Proof? Look no further.

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What I Know

This morning, Dave and I talked about what it looked like to develop and use our gifts for the edification of the church body. When he asked me what I wanted to do with my gifts, I sat in my chair, looked him in the eyes, shifted my weight, took a sip of my coffee, looked out at a passing car, took a deep breath, and then looked back at Dave and said, "I don't really know."

Before you chalk that statement up to indecisiveness, take a minute to hear me out. It's not that I don't know what I can do, nor that I don't know what I'd like to do. In fact, that's hardly the case, as I know well what I do enjoy doing, as well as what things I can do with a certain degree of skill.

When I told Dave, "I don't really know," I was not expressing doubt in what God has given me. Instead, I was expressing my doubt in my ability to use what God has given me well.

Let me explain.

I've been reading a fantasy series by Terry Goodkind. In it, the main character, Richard, has weapons and powers at his disposal that go far beyond that of almost anyone else he crosses paths with. Ironically enough, Richard started out as a simple woods guide, and never wanted his life of power, influence, and fame. Those who do cross paths with him are struck by how rare an individual he is, not seeking to use what he is to dictate his actions, but rather, who he is. In essence, he remains the same person: a man of astounding character.

Over the past several days and weeks, Scott and I have had a few conversations on what it means to lead others, both personally and generally. Through it all, I keep hearing one thing resurfacing: character leads. If we are to minister to others, it will be our character that will shine through. Do we lean upon the LORD and hope in His promises? Are we humble in serving our fellow man? Do we give of ourselves sacrificially, even joyfully? Are we embracing with faithfulness the thankless toil that so often scars the Christian in the world, yet crowns him in heaven? That's what came up this morning yet again as Dave and I sat and talked, thinking through our cups of coffee.

I know the things I'd like to do. They are, for the most part, things that I would embrace, things that would be easy to do. They are also, undoubtedly, things that I'm not ready for. My heart shirks away from humility and thankless toil; it wants to be acknowledged, yearns for attention. Yet, I think that it is there, where the voices of other men and women cannot intrude, that the voice of God speaks words of grace and peace, training the heart to hear and heed His voice.

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Ice cream. Is. Amazing.

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Fear Factor

I admit it. I'm afraid.

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Oddity's Objects

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