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Aaaahhhh, the senile and frothing pleasures of Boyce Capture the Flag :) We played two games last night, with a bunch of prospective students showing up. It was a great couple of games, despite the fact that my team lost both of the games. *Sigh*...there's always next year. We also played some ultimate afterwards on the Jo Bowl. Four on four ultimate is somewhat crazy in lowlight conditions, but I think it would've been worse had we played with more. Still, I had a blast :)

I got that box that Lisa had sent; seeing the contents of the CD's with mp3's was like seeing old friends once again. Very, very awesome. I'm hoping that everything works out next should, but you never know.

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Contractual Agreement?

Last night I biked home from the country club. It took a little over an hour, which isn't too bad. Good exercise, too :)

Today I was reading that book by Martens, the one for my book review. He was speaking of the covenant that God makes with His people, and how it differed from the "contracts" that would be drawn up in the cultures of that day. The contract is based upon fulfilling certain requirements. If they are not met, than there is a breach of contract. The covenent was (and is) much more relational, and therefore is meant not for political or economic gain, but for intimacy. The covenent between God and His people, even though given with "commandments," are not based upon those commandments, but rather the desire to interact with His people. How easily I forget...

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Holy Slacker, Batman! One week to finish reading my book for my book review, and write the paper as well. Hehe :) Burning the midnight oil again, eh? Some things never change, it seems.

Last Friday I got myself a nice little call from UPS. Seems like they want to hire me! I'll give 'em a call when I get back in June. Hopefully things pan out with that'd be something I'd hold on to for a while, no doubt about it.

Monica said something the other day that I haven't really thought about until now. To paraphrase, she said she felt frustrated and "stuck" because she wasn't involved in ministry; she wasn't "overflowing." I nodded my head in agreement with her at the time, but now I think I'm the foolish one. Lord, is that why I'm feeling stuck? Am I not pouring out, pouring into other's lives? Perhaps. It's hard to realize the simplest things, sometimes. If I need to be pouring out, Lord, here am I...send me! Am I worthy? I don't know. I doubt it in my heart. I doubt a lot, that's for sure. But I don't think You doubt, because You can't doubt Yourself. Help me to see the truth, Lord, help me to see the truth. Speak it into my heart, and let me hear You.

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Today is Good Friday, the day we look back and reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus. It's a hard thing to ponder, really. Last night, I read about Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. *Sigh*...Lord, why? I don't get it. I mean, I do, but oh, the depth! Chip Collins said it best, when he said that we love the shallow waters. Yet You, Lord, call us out into the deeps. *Sigh*...

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I am officially a working man again. Woohoo! The simple pleasures in PAYING job...aaahhh :)

All that aside, it's been an interesting past couple of weeks. It'll be crunch time soon, with a book report left to do, as well as study for the final. I'm at that point where things are familiar, and that can be dangerous. Complacency can set in like a virus, causing a distinct lack of motivation. *Sigh*...

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Wrote the following in an email to a bunch of guys today...I think I like it.

I've wondered often this past week if I'll ever really LEARN. You know what I'm talking about...time and time again, we go to visit that same old sin, like the adulteress going in to her part-time lover. It's a painfully true picture that God tells Hosea to paint; we, like Gomer, leave the One who claims us. I know in my head that I am loved, that I am truly free. Yet, what is given freely I will not take! Many is the time I've turned away from the Lord, forsaking His lovingkindness and compassion. Why? It's foolishness, utter foolishness! I look into my heart, and I see a sick, twisted desire for many delights that are not of God. Yet I know that God has claimed me for His own. I am His child, friend, the bride of Christ, the shee p of His pasture, a temple of the Holy Spirit...the list goes on! How the Lord does not despise me is truly a work of Grace, one that my mind cannot fathom.

I thought last night of the cross of Christ. In my head, I've often seen Jesus nailed there, nearly spent. Now, being on a seminary/bible college campus, there's plenty of opportunity for me to delve into the theological aspects of the crucifixion. But I find that all the theology in my head doesn't help me find justification in why God would put Himself on that cross. Perhaps one of the best ways to describe this is to think of Isaiah 6, a scene in scripture that, I'm assuming, we would all be familiar with. God is sitting upon the throne, with angels around Him. There is utter reverence for the Lord...angels covering their faces and feet, smoke filling the temple, the temple trembling, and Isaiah crying out, "Woe is me, for I am ruined!" Now, the picture I have of Christ is one of a pretty ordinary looking dude, very unlike the blonde hair, blue-eyed type they put in movies. I've always thought of Christ as being God in the flesh...but to think of the God depicted in Isaiah 6, nailed to a really does go beyond me. This same God, whom angels cover their faces in the presence of, does not shy to bend down to pick me up and hold me now, because He's already been to the cross. God the Father has already turned away from God the Son. What could be worse for Him? I suppose that therein lies the answer to my heart; God's taken the worse He could possibly dish out upon Himself, and nothing I could do would ever approach God's retribution.

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EMPLOYED! Yep, got the job working at the country club, so I'll be starting in a little over week. Thanks, Lord :) It's a huge load off my back to have a job again. It seems like it'll be a great place to work at, with great people to work with. I'm hoping I can keep the high standard that Mon has set for me :)

On a different note, sin really sucks. I hate it. God, will I ever learn? Help me, Lord, 'cause I'm so prone to wander away from You. *Sigh*..."the righteous man shall live by faith." Help me to remember that!

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Last night I went to help out my friend Kerry with his youth group. He wanted me to share a little about myself and the cultural differences between Hawai'i and Kentucky. One of the kids in particular stood out. Having met him, I can now say that I've officially met a Real Live Redneck. Yep...they do exist! His name is Smokey, and for good reason! He's the first person that's made me laugh when he PRAYED. Oh my goodness...hilarious! Apparently, he's from an area called Union Star. In his words, "popyalayshun's 'bout a hunderd, but half of 'em's muh kiiiin." Leonard warned me about that inbreeding thing...

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I'm having one of those days where I just feel like I'll never be rid of my stupid pride. I can hear Mr. Mikami's pidgin-enhanced voice going, "Das jus yo stupid pride...yup!" *Sigh*...Lord, will I ever be rid of it? I feel so stupid! I know what I should do, but I don't. Stupid, right? Praise God that He doesn't ever let go, 'cause I can't begin to count the times or ways I've tried to slip His grip.

Last night Jon M. and I went down to the waterfront park on the Indiana side of the river. It's funny...talking with him was one of those things I was both yearning for, and dreading. Opening up like that to someone is always a little difficult, especially when you don't immediately feel that "connection" that you do with your best friends. I'm glad we did it, though, 'cause I think we'll both need it. It'd be hard to walk the journey without friends, those "pillars" that hold us up through thick and thin.

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Went to my first dorm meeting at Boyce last night. Interestingly, it's not really a meeting at all, but an informal setting for prayer and worship. I'm glad I went; more than just another marker along the road, I think it's a good step toward trusting in God's provision.

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