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Thankful Thoughts

I know that Thanksgiving was last week, but it's never inappropriate to sit back and give thanks for things we ought to be thankful for. With that thought in mind, here are a few things I'm particularly thankful for tonight.

First, for my family. Kason's birthday was yesterday, and even though that little rugrat thinks that his Thomas the Train video outranks talking to Uncle Johnny, I still miss my nieces and nephews more than I miss the surf. Yes, you read correctly. Kavin, quite sage and wise for a little drool machine barely over a year old, was more than happy to talk to his Uncle Johnny for a few moments, unlike his older brother. He muttered a few choice words, then gave me a kiss over the phone. I told his mommy that I think he was trying to quote Frodo's elvish war cry, "Aiya Earendil elenion ancalima!" I still don't get why she was laughing.

Second, for Boyce College students. Every so often, when the Lord taps me on the shoulder and points me in the right direction, I'm reminded of days gone by, days when I was in awe of all that surrounded me. Those days of deep thankfulness, I remorsefully must report, come less and less frequently. The first Student Leadership Retreat I'd went on in the Fall of 2004 was one that taught me a very important lesson: those around me, those with whom my life had become so providentially intertwined, were those to whom I could look for love and trust. They were, I observed, people who understood a good deal more about the gospel than many more individuals found in our American churches. Yet, I find that I've grown, so much so that I've grown out of the humble awe that once came easily. I've forgotten what it was to be in my teens, what it was to leave home for the first time. Instead of joy at those around me, I find pride and own. Tonight, however, I was reminded of things I'd forgotten; tonight, I was in awe once more.

Third, for God's love. The LORD loves with a faithfulness that will never fail, no matter how prone I am to failure. In all honesty, I still don't get it. In spite of that, I'm glad that God, in His love, will never let go of me.

posted by Bolo | 12:32 AM
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