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There were two ladies walking some poodles in Shelby Park just a little while of those poodles was pink, and another was purple. I love how Tay replaces an f-sound for all of the th-sounds in the words he today, he told me about Norf Carolina. I have no open evenings for like...ever, it seems. No, Jackson B. Riddle, you haven't really lost 24 inches on your vertical leap. If I'm honest, I'll have to say that I'm a little disappointed in that roast of the Panama Esmeralda Gesha 2008 Lot 3 Peaberry that I just did. Okay, Kiddo, it was close to begging...but if it had worked, it would have been magic! Kewalo's + John = Happy. Dang, I really wanna go to Ninth Street again. I think Johnny 5 is going to do fairly well for ourselves this summer league season I have a long post I'm working on, but it probably won't come out until tomorrow night. I love my care group. Ryan Szrama, too. I played some pretty crappy disc today, but a reworking of my flick grip is gonna be my excuse for a few more weeks. The soon-to-be Mrs. Gronotte's bouquet-thrust has got to be one of the best wedding maneuvers I've ever seen. Yes, our pastors dance at our weddings, and a couple of 'em were led in Thriller by the groom. Speaking of weddings, the love of weddings is a biblical love. Jeffo's sneaky 5th anniversary thievery is pure ballsy genius. Ruszkiewicz and I had about three post-frisbee conversations in the span of two minutes that nobody else was really able to follow.

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I can't decide whether I want to laugh or swear...probably both.

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It's Friday. Kind of feels like I don't quite deserve it, having only a four-day work week. I suppose my conscience can suffer through it just this once.

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Invitations Forthcoming

In the works is a little invitation-only coffee tasting. It'll involve the highly-hyped Panama Esmeralda Gesha Lot 2, as well as at least one or two other coffees brewed in a Chemex and a French Press. I think that I'll also have Kenny pull some shots of a single-origin espresso, namely, my beloved Ethiopia dry-processed Idido Misty Valley roasted and blended as a melange of roast levels. The limited availability of the Gesha coffee will necessitate a relatively small gathering, but I'm hoping that people will really get to enjoy some rare and highly-regarded coffee this way. We'll see, won't we?

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Oh Gosh

Panama Esmeralda Gesha, 2008 Lot 2 for $45.00 a pound! Whoa...and the Guatemala 2008 Cup of Excellence #1 El Injerto Pacarama is going for the same!

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Week 1

Down 7 - 3 at halftime, yours truly and the rest of team Johnny 5 -- seriously, that's our name -- rallied and managed to take the game on a universal point for a final of 15 - 14. Yeah, it was a bit rough, but we showed some solid hustle and spirit to pull out the win as the field went dark. Not bad, eh?

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Heaven in a Demitasse

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A Little Truth

Yesterday, Andrew called me and I didn't answer. No big deal...the usual missed call between Letoto and Uchida, right? Well, not quite. He was calling to let me know that Sandi had given birth yesterday morning.


I have another little niece, and if I heard 'Drew's voicemail message correctly, they named her Alethia. Perhaps another trip east is in order...

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Awkward and Asinine: Part X

Boogies in the nose happen!

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Party Time


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Green With...

Oh gosh. From Tonx: Intellivenice party.

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Tweet That!

Two of Dr. Moore's Twitter tweets from less than an hour ago:

drmoore has visited with half of Highview and a ninth of Ninth and O here at the Bats game. Of course Ajeuliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu

drmoore : That last tweet went wrong as I was catching a ball here in the stands.

Seriously? Seriously.

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Today's flavor of linkage explodes with one of my favorite things: coffee. Go figure.

There are universally-acknowledged moral and social aspects to coffee that give it mass appeal. Apparently, this is nothing new.

I own a Chemex, use it regularly, and love the coffee that I brew with it. That said, it recently came under fire, ultimately being forged into a key that unlocked the door to the start of a wonderful conversation amongst some of the most highly-respected coffee geeks of the world.

Well just color me green.

Speaking of Intelli Venice, looks like Tonx digs the new digs Glanville has set up. Be sure to click on the link to the article in the L.A. Times...the La Marzocco...ugh, just look already.

Yes, the prices in bold are per pound.

Aaaaaannnnnd the reason why $117.50 is in bold.

Sleek. Dig it.

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Hebrews 9:11 -- 14
But when Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things to come, He entered through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this creation; and not through the blood of goats and calves, but through His own blood, He entered the holy place once and for all, having obtained eternal redemption. For if the blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling those who have been defiled sanctify for the cleansing of the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?

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Rob didn't really go for the first two shots, so I told him to let me try one more. You know, so I could get a totally different perspective going. He didn't like that one, either. Hmph. There's just no pleasing some people.

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Seriously...Stray Dog? I may officially start selling beans...well, least, it's still officially unofficial until it's officially official. Guy is going nuts with Twitter. You know I can make it happen, Moon, all you have to do is say the word. Speaking of which, I think my phone is becoming more and more legendary and more and more feared. Eternal Flame never gets old. I'm baller; that's according to Heiniger. Too much throwing the right lat feels like it's about a thousand years old. Sitting on the porch and enjoying the church warden and the Casano is a nice cap to the evening, especially in the Spring in Shelby Park. That was an interesting call I missed today. Homesickness hits at the oddest times, you know? The New Albanian Brewing Company's new location is pretty sweet, especially with those overhead doors...dig it. One week and Summer League starts up! Psalm 106 hits's so easy to forget what the Lord has done. I suck at this game. Thanks for the pointed commentary, Mrs. BG&H. Speaking of that, how do the Bangles rate? Happy birthday, Kiddo...I was royally bummed I missed the festivities.

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Hairy Situation

Fairest said to make sure his ears didn't get cut off. I think I did a pretty good job.

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SWFWDA: "So... you and coffee... is this kind of like women and cats?"

Me: "Nope. Nobody respects women who are into cats. End of analogy."

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Multi-Tasking Male

I was in the middle of a roasting session when I got a message from Pastor Ryan. He's in Romania at the moment, and he asked me to give his wife a call so that she could get online and the two of them could IM back and forth. Well, it turned into a mini tech-support session, as Christy -- truthfully -- claims she's not the most tech-savvy person ever born, and it took a little multi-tasking to get it all going. What sort of multi-tasking? All told, there was about five minutes during the roast process of a batch of Ethiopia Korito Koran DP to Full City+ where I was talking to Christy on the phone, chatting with Ryan -- after initially thinking I was chatting with Christy -- on their two gmail accounts while Christy watched us chat, and getting Christy set up on one of their accounts. If you're lost in trying to follow all of this, just understand that it felt a little odd for me to be an instrument for setting up international communication between my pastor and his wife. Even more awesomely, the roast was perfect.


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I was about to head out the door to church when I realized that I was famished. I saw the jar of peanut butter I'd snacked from at about 3 this morning and knew that wouldn't make a solid breakfast. What to go with it? Oh, cinnamon ice cream!

Don't worry, I didn't eat that for breakfast. I slathered the peanut butter and some jam on some bread and am currently chowing down on that. Happy? Good.

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I Still Look Younger!

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I Said That?

Chriyus told me this morning that he had been thinking about something I'd said to him a little while ago. "I don't remember the context, but I remember the quote exactly: 'You know what one of my biggest problems is? I'd rather be perfect than forgiven.' "

He told me that after telling me that I was the one that helped him to understand how to break through sin and overcome it by being there to encourage and confront him with the gospel. That shocked me; I honestly had no idea. I mean, I do remember hearing him tell me numerous times, "Johnny, tell me about the gospel, I need to hear you tell me the gospel," but I thought he did that with all of his friends.

I suppose I share those things a sense, I need to. Struggling with and falling prey to sin over and over and over again can discourage even the most steadfast of the Father's children, and my friends certainly know that I'm nowhere near to living in joyful steadfastness.

The point? Honestly, I'm not sure. I think that, at the end of the day, I'll have to savor the truth that the gospel of Christ is still the same gospel it has always been...even though I often don't feel like it is.

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Three's Company

The last time Chriyus and Scott and I sat down and shared a meal together, just the three of us, the year was...

...I don't know what year it was, actually. I just know it was a long, long, long time ago. Breakfast in six hours will be pretty freakin' stellar, then, I'm thinking.

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Re:Fund Facebook

You heard it here first: for those of you who are dissatisfied and frustrated with Facebook, simply write to them via their help/comments menu, and you'll get a full refund of your user fees within one business week.

Yes, I'm making fun of you whiners.

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Question of the Day

"Are you the mythical John Letoto?"

Yes. Real question. Asked by a real person, even. I wasn't quite sure how to answer that. Still not sure, really. I mean, I am John Letoto, but I've never considered myself mythical, as I'm neither fake nor famous.

Aaahhh...the things that go on in this city...

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Awkward and Asinine: Part IX

Yeah...they definitely check him out...

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Live Long...

...and Prosper.

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I think all of my nephews remind their mothers and aunties of me...a lot...can't possibly imagine why. Kane and I can talk about things other than coffee...but why would we want to do that? I had the worst set of games all season on Saturday, which just so happened to be the End of Season Tournament. Okay, so I had my one big un-Hitched moment...quite amusing, you have to admit. This little bit of IMV is sweet with strawberry and cherry notes, so sweet it's almost tart, if that makes any sense. If nothing else, this past weekend taught me a tiny bit of the difference between being and bone-dry and saturated to the point of overflowing...spiritually, that is. That reverse press/pull that I've been thinking about for a while worked like a charm. I'm pretty bummed that I missed last Friday's commencement ceremony, if only because I keep thinking of all the friends -- little brothers and sisters, really -- that graduated, and thinking of how much I would have loved to share that day with them. Gosh, I want to see Jesus, really, really badly...but not, I think, nearly so much as He longs to see me...and I need to ponder that more. Juan, my neighbor, deacon, and professional photographer, asked me why I don't carry my camera around much anymore; I didn't have a really good answer for him. Frank's on Preston is stellar; all Louisville residents should be hitting it up more often. Ash is right, I need to reconsider doing a coffee house review.

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Lee Sill Knows


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29, Thanks

"You need to be more age-aware. You aren't 15 anymore."

-Leah Perlman, after I told her I played 3 games of ultimate and started cramping up a little at the end of the second

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Awkward and Asinine: Part VIII

Moisan: The good, the bad, and...well, you'll see.

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Lisa, one of my sisters, wrote to Mary, one of my other sisters, to inform Mary of her son's exploits. This is taken directly from the Facebook wall post:

Funny story...I told Kason to go take a bath and sent him to get his clothes out of the van. He comes back and tells me that he needs a white shirt for May Day tomorrow and he knows that he gave it to you. Duh! I tell him it's in Hilo right now. I ask him where his underwear is, and he doesn't know. So, I tell him to go to the bathroom and take off his underwear and throw it into my wash that's going now. He gives me this funny look, so I assume he doesn't want to do it. I said, "I know you wear shorts w/o underwear, so just go do it, and you'll get it back when it's dry." He tells me it's not a special occasion (lightbulb!). Then he tells me that he can wear the same shirt for school tomorrow, so I send him to throw it in the washer. As we're standing there, he tells me, "it's not a special occasion today, but it is tomorrow." Dang, I am still cracking up!!!! Good thing there's that basket of clothes still in the laundry area!

I can't make this stuff up, really, I can't!

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Monkeying Around...Again

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Awkward and Asinine: Part VII

"She has a really good heart." Isn't that what dudes say when they're about to break up with a girl?

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Awkward and Asinine: Part VI

You mean, she's not paralyzed? Whoa...

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Smythe Strangeness

Rob Smythe is in my apartment right now. The world is really, really strange. Not just because of that. But yeah.

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Awkward and Asinine: Part V

Jason Myhre is the Dark Knight, not the Dark Horse.

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Monkeying Around

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Awkward and Asinine: Part IV

For the record, ladies, Michael John Butterworth is not just a piece of meat!

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Psalm 119:10
With all my heart I have sought You; do not let me wander from Your commandments.

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Awkward and Asinine: Part III

Lance is short. But Matt Galyon? Not short.

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Awkward and Asinine: Part II

We continue with more...I think we were sitting outside of Qdoba at this point.

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Awkward and Asinine: Part I

So...I have somewhere around twenty of these videos...yeah...this is the first, and before long, you may come to wish it had been the last.

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Thanks to Miss Sally's sewing and a little dedicated hot/cold water dousing and drying, my new shirt from Counter Culture fits just fine :)

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Hook Up the IMV

So. Kenny and I decided that since there's nothing more delicious in the known world than a demitasse or twenty of single-origin espresso shots of Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley, we made it our goal to partake quite vivaciously of this wonder of God's glorious creation this afternoon. The results? Well...

...not quite what we wanted the first time around. Bah. Still, what's one slightly-off pull? We were not to be stopped!

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