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Thoughts: Turkey Week in Review

I'd forgotten how much fun I have playing football, especially throwing the pigskin in tight, perfectly placed spirals to receivers breaking precisely where you think they're going to break. My weather thingy told me the high today was 68° F. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 67° F. I wonder how many I can convince to join me out on the Jo Bowl for a little afternoon frisbee...hmmm. There's something ridiculously wonderful about reading good, cheesy fiction from time to time. My "window" received an upgrade this week; thanks, Pastor Cavie! Seeing Michael Butterworth score a goal is one thing, but beholding his wildly gesticulating body spasm in ecstatic expression is another. I think John Cabal's cheering at Boyce's soccer games is something that should not be missed. Speaking of games, I have just one trivial word for those of you in pursuit of a most elusive victory last Friday: Mordor. Speaking of Mordor, why did they walk? A free meal at Founders' to anyone who can give me the right answer in one try without looking it up or obtaining any other outside help!

posted by Bolo | 6:46 PM
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