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Tomorrow is Friday!

The week is almost over. Amazing. More significant blogging to come; for now, though, you're stuck with this thought: haoles...*sigh*.

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How did I get here? Gosh, I feel like I'm neglecting this ratty-looking space on the web. Team Johnny 5 is hurting but so freakin' close to being epic. Shaggy's team in green in the LUFA Competitive League is lookin' pretty dang stout! Two words: selection eight. I'm the world's most hypocritical hermit, I really am. I'd give up coffee for it in half a lie. Frances is in 'Bama. Pancakes would be nice, even though I don't want 'em. I'm supposed to do that sushi thing with Moisan...but when? Yeah, that's right, I like listening to Color Me Badd. So what if I yelled, "I'm a Muggle, wanna snuggle?" in the parking lot after the movie last night...I only did it 'cause I saw it on a shirt. Note to self: more sleep is necessary. Working in an orphanage sounds like one of the most wonderful things ever. Commando! I think my leg is leaking pus. Another note to self: stretch, old man, stretch. This look on my face could be here for a while.

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Doubled Up

Dang. Winning was a nice feeling. Too bad losing kind of feels not so nice.

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In Moderation

So what if every other post seems to be about coffee or Twitter? Or, in some cases, both? I find Dr. Moore's tweets to be way freakin' funny, especially this one, talking about the celebration of John Calvin's 500th birthday:

What do moderate Calvinists like me do on Calvin's birthday? Cake, yes, but with enough ice cream for the WHOLE WORLD.

While I'm at it, I'll tell you what happened when Warren and I were headed home from work that day and heard Dr. Moore on the radio. Dr. Moore said that he had a couple of guests lined up, one a five-point Calvinist, the other a five-point Arminian. I told Warren that I could tell I'd been under the influence of Southern Seminary -- and other such reformed bodies of thinking -- for quite a while because when I heard Dr. Moore tell of the five-point Arminian, I got excited in the same way you do when someone tells you that they have a huge alligator in their bathtub: "Ooohhh, can I see it? Is it still alive? Does it bite? Can't you get in trouble for having one of those?"

Gosh, I need to get out more.

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September in Seattle

Remember how in February, there was that little jaunt up to Chicago? And how it was all about coffee? And how Kenny and Kane were entered into that little competition?

Well...Seattle is on the horizon...

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"Drinking Coffee"

This is probably sacrilegious in some way. Hmmm. Oh well...I said it the other night, so enough people have read it already, I'm sure :)

hermitudinous Drinkin' a Gesha brewed in a syphon, cooling a batch of Idido Misty Valley, and about to bag up the Tanzanian Blackburn Estate Peaberry.

RaleighSadler @hermitudinous hmmm. Some people just say "drinking coffee." really. It may see strange. But they do. ;)

hermitudinous @RaleighSadler Right. If God gets the whole freakin' bible -- and a physical body -- to communicate Himself, I can use all 140 characters :P

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Gesha in a Syphon

This, my friends, was a thing of beauty to see, smell, and taste.

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Be Democratic

Go vote for my niece. Do it. She's ridiculously cute and you know it. Now!

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Gladly Blessed

This is on repeat in the iTunes playlist:

"Glad when Thy gracious smile we see, blessed when our faith can hold Thee fast."

Well...not just those lines, but the entire song is. Yeah. That's all I can say about that.

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The Hotness

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One more day until Friday :)

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Bunch of Kids

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Coffee quote of yesterday:

"Crema is rubbish. That's all I have to say."
-James Hoffmann

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Super Syphon


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Tweety Todd

From yesterday, a little Twitter back-and-forth with Mr. Todd Pellowe:

toddpellowe had a dream that the groomsmen from last night's wedding took their pants off during the portrait session... oh wait. that really happened.

hermitudinous @toddpellowe And...did you photograph this, Mr. Wedding Photographer?

toddpellowe @hermitudinous it's my duty to document the wedding day.

hermitudinous @toddpellowe Hahahahahahahaha!!! That's a must-see!

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Window Silled

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Quick Link

Heeeeeyyyy, check it out, it's Pat! I love Pat...such a great guy...I think we're just about due for a random run-in. I didn't see him in Baltimore this year -- probably because I wasn't there -- and I don't remember if I we saw each other here at Na last year. Oh well. Soon, perhaps. He's in a coffee mecca, after all :)

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A Nutcase

Lately, I've shied away from calling myself a connoisseur of any sort, particularly a coffee connoisseur. I feel uncomfortable with that word when it's applied to me, especially when I think of touting myself as one. A connoisseur, by definition, is an expert, or one who can discern subtleties and differences.

That's quite a presumption.

I have no qualms, however, stating that I'm a nutcase. A coffee nutcase. I brew coffees for different reasons than most folks do: to drink, yes, but I brew coffees primarily to taste them, savor them, even understand them. Think I'm crazy? You haven't even heard the hundredth of it.

Nutcase, indeed!

Yesterday, Kiddo hooked me up with a pound of Intelligentsia's excellent, in-season Honduras La Tortuga. With such a delight in my possession, you'd think I'd brew it and enjoy it, right? Well, sort of. On my desk are two mugs, one with a brew from a press and another with a brew from a Hario cloth cone pour-over.

The press was brewed with a course grind setting and an extraction time of four minutes. The pour-over was brewed with a finer grind setting -- a little finer than traditional drip, perhaps -- and a total extraction time of roughly one minute. There's a discernible difference in the cups, mostly in the body and mouthfeel. The press is less even, less homogeneous. The pour-over, however, feels more syrupy, having a more viscous body, even though it feels cleaner in the mouth. Quite interesting.

Why share all of this? Well, a handful of you don't care one whit about coffee beyond its ability to wake you up in the morning. Some of you, like Moon Pie, won't even have made it down this far. A small portion of you glorious readers really dig a post like this, though, and are actually intrigued by my mad rantings and unrelenting roasting and brewing experiments.

Am I a nutcase? Absolutely. Will I continue to be so? You betcha.

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My palms and feet were sweating through the whole article. Not kidding.

I felt a slight urge to go and clean halfway through reading this. Hah...yeah, right!

I always have enjoyed telling people they don't know squat about Notre Dame and college football. It gets a little easier with this.

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Just so you know, the sock-style cloth pour-over brewer is on the list of coffee gadgets soon to be added to my kitchen. In the mean time, the robot throws it down!

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Stephen David, Not David Stephen

The little may remind me of Todd Thomas every five minutes, but he sure as heck has his Papa's fist-pump down!

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