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These verses come from Matt Redman's You Led Me To the Cross. The song itself takes me back to days gone by, days when faith in and love for Christ seemed simpler, easier, not so confusing and painful. It's a song that has somewhat of a nostalgic twang to it. But as I listened to it the other night, reflecting somewhat forlornly on where I've come from and where I'm going, I was reminded that this journey I'm on hasn't changed one bit in regard to purpose or direction, even if it often seems that way. If I feel I walk this path in darkness, I have to remember that I still walk the path. Why is that important? My every road leads to the cross.

You led me to the cross
And I saw the face of mercy in that place of love
You opened up my eyes
To believe Your sweet salvation
Where I'd been so blind
Now that I'm living in Your all forgiving love
My every road leads to the cross

Jesus, keep me near the cross
I won't forget the love You've shown
Savior, teach me of the cross
I won't forget the love
I won't forget the love You've shown

And there's an empty tomb
That tells me of Your resurrection and my life in You
The stone lies rolled away
Nothing but those folded grave clothes
Where Your body lay
Now that I'm living as a risen child of God
My every road leads to the cross

posted by Bolo | 2:33 AM
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