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This is for you, Boyce College...

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The North Shore

Some people don't heed the warnings. Some think they can still handle the surf. Some people are called stupid haoles for a reason.

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Some guys are captivated by cars. Others are captivated by guns and knives. Nothing wrong with either of those...I like 'em myself. But if you really wanna get us going, put us in front of a sweet break on the North Shore or in Tahiti (think Teahupo' and watch us lose all sense of time.

Not that we keep track of time very well to begin with, mind you...

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The day up on the North Shore was good. We chilled, got darker, ate, called a few folks, and basically did nothing. Nice, eh?

Oh, that's Pipeline in the background. Yes, the Pipeline.

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Saving The Wheel

'Drew and I were on a mission. I promised Jim Winn that we'd get him a picture of Andrew and I campaigning for on the North Shore, and by golly, we were gonna do it! The infamous Uchida and I started out with a somewhat blank canvas and some paint...

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I don't know if we've ever worked on something like that side by side before, since our giftings usually lie in separate areas. True, this wasn't exactly ministry stuff we were getting into, but it was fun nevertheless. Good times, I tell you, good times.

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The finished product. It chilled on the shore between Pipeline and Ehukai for over an hour while we sat and watched the surf. Finally, our hunger got the best of us, and we asked some random lady to take a couple snapshots for us. I think Jim will be happy with the results :)

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So. I was outside of Gina's, waiting for Andrew and Sandi to arrive for dinner, when I get the call from Andrew. He says that Jen Mats had just called and said that she was at Dan and Wendy's house where they had a ton of food but not enough people to eat it, and that we were invited to partake of the grindages.

Hmmm...lemme for for food.

Duh. Gina's is excellent fare for the innards, but when the food is excellent and free...well...not a whole lot of thought needs to be given to such a situation :)

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When Andrew proposed to Sandi, he sang her three songs. He only remembers one of the songs he sang. No matter...she's still smiling 'cause he still sings her songs all the time.

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With all that food there, I have no idea why she was trying to munch on that finger. It's not like we even had finger food...

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Does this pose look familiar? It ought to by now. I've seen it quite a bit during my stay at home ;)

Andrew and Sandi and I surfed earlier today. As is often the case after a good tossing around above the reef at Kewalo's, my nose had a little post-session drip. This means that my nose would, at utterly random times hours after I was last in the briny bath, leak out a few drops of salt water that had gotten thrown up into my nasal passages. Unfortunately, this happened while Andrew was seated on the floor...with me standing right above him.


Neither one of us was particularly grossed out by it. In fact, he calmly reached for a napkin and proceeded to pat his hair dry. I calmly explained to the ladies present that this is a perfectly natural occurrence, and that they should not be alarmed in the least. They did not react calmly. The looks on their faces...uhhh...well...hmmm...yeah...classic :)

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How 'bout them apples?

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The infamous, the illustrious, the incarcera...wait a sec...

It's Dan Kim! Andrew and I have a theory on Dan. Well, it's not so much theory as historical fact that we turn into historical fiction for the sake of our own amusement. Dan was, when he was in YFC...well...let's just say that Dan was known :)

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She had a booger, I promise!

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As I was walking into the Kim residence, I spotted Hans in the kitchen. I asked with boisterous glee, "Is that a Hans Medina I see?" Talk about random! I hadn't seen Hans in about fifty years, and he goes and gets engaged on me. In fact, it was during the video of his proposal that The 'Drew Drip occurred.

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Just one today. Got this link from Joyce, one of the original three Jack Fan Club members.

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My youngest nephew is now nearly 3 months old. At this age, he's beginning to hold his head up, talk back in baby babble-talk, and cheer vehemently for the Fighting Irish on Saturdays. He'll be nearly 10 months old before I see him again :(


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Tonight he recited to me the tale of Beren and Luthien. He told me his favorite part was that one little line that goes, "But Beren Laughed." Naturally, I was quite the proud uncle; he recognizes the genius of Tolkien at such a young age! *Sigh*...good times :)

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Ok, here's the plan. We're all going to pray for Kavin to stop growing right now. We'll ask the LORD to hit the pause button until I get back in June, and if that fails, we'll do a little carbon freezing. Right before we freeze him, I'll say, "Kavin! I love you!" and he'll say, "I know."

Sorry...couldn't resist the little Star Wars reference. Hey, I'm still a geek at heart!

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Tonight while I was talking to him, Kavin kept grinning and nodding his head like a bobblehead doll. Naturally, all of that stopped the moment I took out my phone to get a few shots of him being silly.

Crazy kid :)

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His smiles are supposed to be pretty rare, but he was smiling quite a bit tonight. Made me smile, it did...I'm getting a solid half-year's worth in while I can.

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*Sigh*...gonna miss the little guy...

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Good Students, Good Teacher

Today was the first time in a long, long time that Andrew and I got to do ministry together in a formal setting. The fact that it was at my grandfather's memorial service might have made it a little more meaningful. I feel not the least bit hesitant to say that Gary was quite proud of his two students today; hopefully, we'll continue to make him proud.

At least, until I post that other picture...muahahahahaha!

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Even though the sign looks like it says, "Olomai", it really does mark the beginning of the hike up Olomana. At this point, Andrew's shirt looks nice and dry (as does mine), and he does not have sweat pouring down his face. Oh that would change!

We had a blast, and like I told Andrew, it might be some of the last guy time I get to spend with him at home before he gets married.

Of course, there's always January...

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This is a plant. Don't ask me what the name of it is, much less the Hawaiian name. I don't know. I just thought it looked pretty enough to take a picture of.

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Andrew decided to knock over a tree for Sandi as a display of affection. How sweet, don't you think?

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This is where the green fern grows...

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The purpose for this picture? Water break!

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I have no idea where this was taken. Somewhere on Olomana, maybe...

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The Lord Faramir comes through Ithilien!

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The Boulder, with The Rope. It really wasn't all that's just that after a solid hour up the Endless Stair, Frodo and I...uhhh...wait a sec...hmmm...Andrew and I looked upon that darn thing with more than just a wee bit of apprehension.

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Leaves and stuff. The Ko'olau Mountains are in the background. You know...the usual surreal beauty of O'ahu's Windward side.

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We conquered the infamous boulder! Well...we did eventually.

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Someone remind me...why am I leaving?

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That's the moment where I told Andrew we were just about to the top. You can't see his smile, but that's because like me, his smiling muscles didn't have enough energy...all the energy had already been used up by our legs.

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From the top of the First Peak, you can see the Second and Third. The Third Peak is the one that people generally don't go on, mainly 'cause...well...they die. Dave once saw a girl and her boyfriend fall from it. Actually, what happened was that the girl fell, then the guy looked at her as she screamed, looked back at Dave and the guys he was hiking with, then jumped after her. It was a hundred-foot freefall, by the way.


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Ooohhh, the Mokulua's off of Lanikai! Jon and I used to randomly go and kayak out there between the Mok's...those were the days :)

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Rabbit Island is in there somewhere. See it?

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Andrew and I decided that the 90% - 10% ratio we began nearly two years ago has still remained true to this day. Wow...that's a scary thought. Life is changing!

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Kane'ohe Bay. Gorgeous, isn't it? *Sigh*...I can hear it now...'Olapa Ka Uila I Kane'ohe...

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It took a while, but we made it. Needless to say, we stayed for a while to bask in our manly prowess :)

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Peaks Two and Three, as seen from the backside of Peak One.

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No Uchidas were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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For some strange reason we were both much more talkative on the descent. Hmmm...

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At this point, I felt like I conqured the mountain. Going up was quite a different story...

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The end of the hike. Sweaty shirt, semi-empty Nalgene bottle, and a very empty stomach.

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Pops is 75 years old, which means that he was 50 when I was born. Whoa. Personally, I think he looks pretty good for a 75 year-old dude who had 7 kids.

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My father is a silly, silly man. I did not take after him in the least. I am always serious, austere, and severe.

If you believe that, let me know, and I'll call you while I drive back over the bridge from Hawai'i to California...

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Do you see where I get it? Do you see my conundrum? In 50 years, this is my fate. Yeesh.

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Gentle reader, 'tis now the time for you to employ your spiritual gift of discernment as never before. Below are snapshots of all five of my sisters. Yep, all of 'em were in one place last night! Your job is to guess, based upon their pictures, what their birth order is. Extra points will be rewarded for figuring out their ages and names, too. Only one guess per person per day! Oh...and if someone at least gets their order and ages on the first crack, I'll bring 'em back something. Needless to say, those with prior knowledge of the answers are not allowed to play :)

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