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Thoughts: Turkey Break

My finger hurts a lot; it's a good indication that I yet live. The coffee from Java is taking a little while longer to kick in today; I may have to go light roast on the next cup. Haven't answered any of Boss' calls for a while, and I'm feeling like a slacker for it. My bad, dude. Speaking of slacking, I just sent off a package to Mon and Dave and Makana that was supposed to have been sent...oh...over a month ago. It's amazing what guilt will do to your spending, 'cause I sent that package Express Mail so that it'll get there by noon tomorrow. Ouch...what a dahmy. Speaking of dahmies, I got a call this morning at about 9:40 from a certain S. David O'Neal, asking for a ride to work. I won't say why he needed a ride, but I will say that his wife took the phone charger with her to Ohio. And yes, it's the very same phone charger that S. David needs for the next couple of days. Oops. My finger still hurts. At least if it starts to hurt on the drive up to the Cavie's, I can stick it out the window to ice it. You know you've been here a while when you see friends move away, move back, and move away again. And you know you've been here a very long while when you see that with a multitude of friends. Gary, right about now is a good time to lie to me again. I'm really diggin' the empty, quiet campus feel. Grumpy old geezers like myself really, really, really look forward to the breaks when all the kiddies go home. Kind of reminds me of Dan Uchida claiming to yell, "Freeeeeeeeeeedom!" whenever the house was empty of all his offspring. That coffee ain't kickin' in like it should, and my finger still hurts.

posted by Bolo | 3:52 PM
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