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Facebook Friendliness

My latest Facebook status says, "John could be in love with Esmeralda Gesha." This was the chat I received from Ms. Catherine Huffman in response to that status:

"I want you to know that I actually looked at your friends list to make sure Esmeralda Gesha was not an actual, albeit unfortunately-named, person. If she HAD been, I was going to assume you had crossed the line into full-on twitterpation and skidded past into Tom Cruise-like declarations of undying love (i.e., mental illness). Mercifully, no such friend existed, and I was spared the trouble of filling out the involuntary hospitalization forms for the second time today."

I, the ever-amused friend that I am, laughed uproariously at her concern. She, knowing me fairly well, was hot on the trail:

"Is this a coffee bean or something?"

What, does no one believe I actually know someone named Esmeralda Gesha? Pfft.

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Foreign Policy

Peter: "Washington is like the Canada of the United States."

Me: "I thought Canada was the Canada of the United States."

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Cup of the Morning

Deep-fried fish. That's what my Yemen Mokha Sharasi tastes like...ugh!

Wait, that's not tastes of stale deep-fried fish. about nasty. Good thing it's the second cup, not the first...

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No More

Tonight, I felt very keenly the need to take another look at Cowper's old hymn. What it really comes down to is the joyful hope that one day we truly will be without sin; hope with me.

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Sunny Side

I'm cheating. My eye has been absent from behind the lens as of late, so I'm taking a look back through the archives of the past few years to post a few shots. At the same time, I think I'm looking for inspiration, too; I've not sat and looked and seen for quite some time, you know?

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"I had to make sure I said, 'customer service agent,' so it didn't sound like, 'customer service Asian.' "

-Stephen Mobley

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I remember that game against Penn State very clearly. It was the second Saturday in November, and I could only listen to the game on radio while helping Dad at Ho'olaule'a. I was going crazy under the tarps when Mirer hit Bettis with the TD, but I think I may have nearly blanked out when Brooks caught it to put 'em ahead. *Sigh*...

For the Surf Crew: Perfection.

In light of my recent post, I'll definitely need to take a long, slow listen to this.

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Conversant Cabreros

As Boss and I chatted tonight, one phrase hovered near the edge of my thoughts: The fight for faith is a fight for joy.

We've had many conversations over the years, Brian and I have. If we eliminate the ones that consist of us figuring out when and where we're going to surf or eat, we're still left with what would, for many friends, equate to a lifetime's worth of heart-to-hearts. Tonight, in the aftermath of a conversation that seemed like so many others, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Lord, why is it so easy to want you, but so hard to always want you?"

If there's one thing I've learned about Boss over the years, it's that he won't give up. He gets battered, he gets bruised, even feisty and frustrating to love for those who don't understand him, but at the end of it all, it's pretty clear he still wants one thing: Jesus, and Him crucified.

Brian desires to see Jesus, to know that He loves him, and to rest in that truth. Brian longs to be freed from his sin, to be freed from the aches and troubles of this world, yet if not that, then to live in this world, with its aches and troubles, struggling against and repenting from his sin through the grace that is sufficient for him. Brian hates the sin that necessitates a savior, yet loves grace that grants a loving, perfect Savior. In all my years of knowing him, I've never known Brian to deny he wanted and wanted to love Jesus...that, more than anything else, is how I know Jesus joyfully loves him.

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Color Commentary

I'm getting play-by-play of the closeout action at Kewalo's from Boss.

Talk about sickly sweet!

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I want to change my name on Facebook to Your Mom just so I can have the feed say stuff like, "Jessica Cimato wrote on Your Mom's wall..." I'm watching that video over and over and over just to hear Bouch say over and over and over, "You got beat by a woman! Do it to him, Loomis, do him dirty! Where you at, Gallagher?" When Peter hears, "District of Columbia," and thinks to himself, "We don't ship outside of the U.S.," you know he's definitely got to be from Idaho. She of the Blue Grey and Hazel is absolutely correct about her husband. When Frances informed me that she tried to hook me up with someone, I told her that her daughter tried the same thing some years ago...but at least she, unlike my niece, didn't do so with me right there. That VT guy will be happy to learn that some of the men of IBC played some croquette at Waterfront last night. I'm hungry. Barbara said the Weather Channel said it wasn't going to rain; Ben said the radar looked clear; John said the clouds looked pretty darned indicative of rain; Daniel's soaked articles of clothing declared John the weather-prediction winner for the morning. Mrs. O, I suppose 11 doesn't...I'm glad you agree.

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Tonight, my roommate said to me, "I can't read you."

Hah. Join the ranks of my minions!

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MegaDoLishUs: Oh, Snap!

The best part about this sequence, other than the fact that Doris freakin' rocks our collective face off, is hearing Bouch talk smack on our behalf. Ok, ok, Big Stick won out, but still, we loved playing 'em, and I'm sure we'd all do it again in a heartbeat.

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LUFA's Summer League has come to an end, and MegaDoLishUs fell just a teeny bit short in the championship game. We're all a little bummed, no doubt, but as I told Loomis, I think we'll all look back and remember that we had a freakin' blast this season rather than the series of uncharacteristic drops we had right at the end. A big congratulations goes out to Big Stick...what a game!

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Prince, Not Pauper

I wrote this over two and a half years ago now. It provokes much thought within me that it seems like it could have been written just two and a half hours ago, too.

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Cup of the Morning was the dry-process Koratie. But you know what? I'm now drooling over the wet-process Koratie. Oh boy oh boy oh boyohboyohboyohboy!

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Lesson Hard to Learn

If there's one thing I've learned from the past several weeks, it's this: sanctification is exactly what we all want, but not in the way we need it.

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Em was giving me grief for not posting pictures of the official Scott and Em Move to Ohio and Cause Much Grief Amongst Their Louisvillian Friends and Family Day. Well, Mrs. O'Neal, here they are, in all of their sad and painful glory.

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Eau de Ricky

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This, for those of you who haven't quite figured it out yet, is the object of my earthly desire, the beauty which occupies my fondest dreams, the love which has caused my heart to flutter; see her in action here.

I freely admit it: I'm jealous.

Something like this would have been extremely useful before I started roasting.

Warning: This last series of links has some rather foul language. Still, I'm posting it because I've found the whole issue to be thought-provoking, although not necessarily and inherently intelligent, and because it covers an industry that is rather near and dear to my heart and taste buds.

Last but not least as far as discussion and inflammation is concerned, we have this little diatribe. Of course, such a rant was not without a snarky retort and somewhat less snarky retort.

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Only We Know the Feeling

This one's for the Surf Crew. You know who you are.

"Surfers have a built-in coping mechanism as far as adventure's concerned. Others may buckle at the first sign of trouble, but our wanderlust is goal-oriented, and we're willing to put up with a fair degree of hardship."

-SURFER Magazine, Volume 49, Issue 8

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The Effect

Thanks to Mr. Andrew Uchida, I am now an effect. Hah!

Have you experienced the John Effect?

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There's a certain absurdity to my life. I, after all, am a rather absurd individual. In fact, I've no doubt that some of my closest friends would respond with soberly amused nods at that assertion. 'Drew would probably smile, tilt his head to the side just a bit, look upward, purse his lips, raise his eyebrows, then laugh as a particular memory surfaces. Scott is likely to give any number of reasons why that statement is true, starting with an introductory line like, "See, the thing you have to understand about John Letoto is..."

I suppose my point is that I'm somewhat of a...strange individual. That said, perhaps what is strangest of all to those who do not know me well is that I'm in Kentucky. Let me explain. If I'm here, that means that I'm not at home in Hawai'i. It sounds simple enough, but to those who consider my homeland to be a place of wonder and infinite beauty, leaving there is one of the most absurd things I could do. Living in the middle of this continent, thousands of miles away from the open ocean I love and adore, does not seem to be the act of a sane person. After all, leaving such beauty is pretty darn absurd, isn't it?

I've been thinking a lot about sin this past week. At its root, sin is turning away from the infinite beauty of God, belittling it, and not enjoying it as it can and ought to be enjoyed. Sin, in a very serious and sad way, is absolutely and unconditionally absurd. The beauty found here on earth is a revelation of the beauty found in God, but it's still merely that: a revelation. It is not, in truth, the beautiful God Himself. When strangers find out where I'm from, they often remark, "How could you leave a place like that to come to a place like this?"

Absurdly enough, I often ask myself a similar question when faced with the reality of my sinfulness.

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Pipin' Hot

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Mini Me?

I'm shamelessly borrowing this pic, which I think came from Mary's camera. There's no doubt the little guy looks pretty darn cute, eh?

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Stephen is no longer allowed to connect his eyebrows with my Koosh ball. I seriously doubt that I've tasted anything better come from the brown mug than that Koratie. I'm glad my niece knows the difference between people and people's hands. I don't think the red dots I put on Ben's scalp are going to be the cool look at IBC. What gets imitated more: Ryan Fullerton's preaching, or the gestures and body movements Ryan Fullerton makes while he preaches? Yes, my hair is still long. The fact that I'm pretty certain I haven't missed anyone's birthday recently only heightens the degree to which I'll freak out when I realize that I have missed a birthday. I'm not sure what I think about more: coffee or frisbee. My favorite Ryan Fullerton mannerism? The up-and-down head nod and side-to-side head shake that morphs into a Noke? Shod? Whatever.

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Injured Reserve

Dang...if 28 feels this bad...I'm scared of 30.

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Cup of the Morning

Koratie: Oh. My. Goodness. This is delicious! Tom is right when he says, "It's like an amazing fruit cocktail, a cup of nectar!"

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This reminds me of the time that Greg Poole, umping behind the plate, got hit in the UH game. Sliiiiiightly different intentions, though, don't ya think?

I remember some of these!

More Reilly...well worth it, though.

Looks like the Domers have found their man.

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There was a fly in my coffee today. I like what Scott Schuman said about outfits: "If something's super-dramatic, you can hide behind it. With classic pieces, you have to put some of yourself in it." September 6, San Diego State, in South Bend. The left hammy feels terrible. Speaking of Hammy, but not that hammy, I owe that crazy fool a disc. Koratie tomorrow! I found out that fly was in my coffee when sipping. When one of your coworkers is going to sell you a car, the amusement factor of the situation skyrockets when said coworker's mother, whom you've never met or spoken to, emails you to do a little cajoling on her offspring's behalf. Speaking of coworkers, putting someone on hold or leaving them voicemail are wonderful features of telephone technology, but it seems that Mr. Hedrick forgot that is not customary to use those features at the same time. No, I didn't see the fly as I sipped my coffee, I...felt it. Even with the head start, Szrama still finished lunch after we did. Dee Ar, you will be glad to know that your elder son still manages to attract the eyes of the ladies as he stands along Bardstown Road on a Sunday evening. Kewalo's would be nice. I get more air time on the Cavies' blog than the O'Neals' interesting.

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One more time?

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Bratwurst is amazing. The flick is coming along nicely, thank you. Frank Sinatra is great coffee roasting is Miles Davis. I'm kind of sad that Goodkind's series has finally come to an end, you know? Soooo, July 11 isn't really my birthday, just in case you thought it was. Can't wait for that Koratie, I really can't. I dig the new digs on 526. Come to think of it, Sinatra and Davis make great tunes to get outfitted to, too. I mean, silk just seems to knot better when Ol' Blue Eyes is crooning, you know? Next Tuesday, next semester...same thing, right, Mon? Even though Gronotte and I just stayed 'til intermission, I still feel like I got my culture in for the week after some Free Will at Shakespeare in the Park at Central Park. Seriously, was there any doubt that Young's was going to be stellar?

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Psalm 27:4
One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD and to meditate in His temple.

Matthew 5:8
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

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"I'm gonna come over there and...beat you up in English!"

-Mike Doyle

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Morning Coffee: Tanzania peaberry, Hassambo Macro-Lot. Breakfast: bratwurst. First Lunch: chicken and potatoes. Second Lunch: gyro.

Feel free to add to this list ;)

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Jeremiah 33:14 - 22
" 'Behold, days are coming,' declares the LORD, 'when I will fulfill the good word which I have spoken concerning the house of Israel and the house of Judah. In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Branch of David to spring forth; and He shall execute justice and righteousness on the earth. In those days Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will dwell in safety; and this is the name by which she will be called: the LORD is our righteousness.' For thus says the LORD, 'David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel; and the Levitical priest shall never lack a man before Me to offer burnt offerings, to burn grain offerings and to prepare sacrifices continually.' " The word of the LORD came to Jeremiah, saying, "Thus says the LORD, 'If you can break My covenant for the day and My covenant for the night, so that day and night will not be at their appointed time, then My covenant may also be broken with David My servant so that he will not have a son to reign on his throne, and with the Levitical priests, My ministers. As the host of heaven cannot be counted and the sand of the sea cannot be measured, so I will multiply the descendants of David My servant and the Levites who minister to Me.' "

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Mmmm...yum! I told Jay that I considered that twenty-pound bag for a very, very, very brief...five minutes.

I should print this out and take it with me on Sundays down to Waterfront.


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Aaahhh, the little tikes. I just finished talking to my mom...yes, I called, I didn't miss one of her calls earlier in the day.


Talking to my family always makes me miss home, especially the little ones. They grow up so stinkin' fast, it's almost unfair. Even though April was just a little while ago, I know that the young ones already look significantly different. *Sigh*...that's just the way it goes, right?

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526 #2

Apartment #2 on 526 East Oak is beginning to look like...don't laugh...a home.

Ok, kind of.

Jonathan and I still have a bunch of stuff lying around our living room, stuff that still needs to be unpacked and put away.

Ok, it's mostly my stuff, but that's beside the point.

We're sitting here at the moment listing to sermons. Dirty dishes are in the sink, boxes are still packed, and, more important than the other two, my suits have not yet been hung up.


Those things, important as they are, are not nearly as vital as being filled by Jesus. This residence will simply not be a home unless it's one that honors the LORD. In that sense, making this place a home is much, much, much harder than merely getting the linens clean and the pictures up on the wall; in fact, it's virtually impossible.

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Isaiah 44:21 - 23
"Remember these things, O Jacob, and Israel, for you are My servant; I have formed you, you are My servant, O Israel, you will not be forgotten by Me. I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud and your sins like a heavy mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you." Shout for joy, O heavens, for the LORD has done it! Shout joyfully, you lower parts of the earth; break forth into a shout of joy, you mountains, O forest, and every tree in it; for the LORD has redeemed Jacob and in Israel He shows forth His glory.

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The Danger of Carelessness

This is what can happen John when you leave your self logged into your blog at someone else's house :)

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Peach Cobbler ice cream...need some...soon. Breakfast was lunch today. Or was lunch breakfast? Not sure which. Phantom was amazing; it's a good thing I've got Confessor. "Your mom" jokes aren't too funny in the Szrama household today. I told my new roommate that no matter what, I'm the man in the relationship. J.C. just asked me if I was just typing or actually doing something. My flick hasn't been working too well this week, and that's most definitely not a good thing...I'll have to work on that. Believe it or not, my camera's not with me at the moment...quite sad.

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Breaking the Fast

Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler ice cream...mmmm...what could be finer on a July 3rd morning, eh?

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"Girls take so long to get ready...I just have to wash my hair. Brush? What's that? I'm a dude, not Lucas Knisely."

-Ryan Szrama

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It's almost 1 AM, and I'm nearly done with the whole process. *Whew* about the end of an era. JVizzle said something to the effect of, "It just won't be the same without the these on your door." She was referring to the surfer emblem and Leeman nameplate. I suppose that in a way, it's somewhat fitting. I mean, Leeman's been gone for a while now, and Scott and Em just left, too.

Yes, the school will be just fine without me. Let's be honest, it's already been doing that for a while now ;)

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