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Dolled Up

Since Warren and I only caught the tail end of Dr. M's radio show today, I couldn't tell if he had allowed his daughter to play with Barbie dolls when she was younger. Since not doing so seemed to be the overwhelmingly obvious conclusion, given the context of the show and its tone for the day, I figured Miss M's answer to my text would indicate what I had presumed.

Not so!

She, quite candidly, declared she had indeed played with such dolls when she was younger. Will wonders never cease...

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The other day, the SWFWDA and I were having a conversation. At one point, this little exchange took place:

SWFWDA: "You do have food acquisition skills of legen -- wait for it -- dary proportions."
Me: "My sisters said I had radar."
SWFWDA: "You do, and you have a way of making food-related bets that you inevitably win. I don't remember why, but I do recall owing you a variety of food items now that we're on the topic."
Me: "YES YOU DO!!!"
SWFWDA: "I should have kept that to myself, clearly"

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He's Hot Stuff

Clint is willing to set his mouth aflame for a free meal. What he didn't mention until after his stunt was over was that his tongue is made of asbestos. Unfortunately for me, I was the one paying.

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Mike Philips placed third in the WBC...that may not mean much to most of you, but I think it's an awesome story. I was serious when I posted that Twitter update about Matt the other day, and I'm still serious about it today: I really did think to myself, "Is Matt the most gifted preacher at IBC?" during his sermon. I said gifted; not mature, not effective. If someone works in the coffee industry, and that someone's main task is to taste and rate coffees through cupping, I can't imagine how frustrating being sick with a stuffy nose would be for that person. It used to be that my blog ID was 5194548; after six years, my little temporary disappearance has changed it forever. Carson's series on Hebrews is stellar stuff. That video of the Letoto family at Easter...oh goodness, has it ever started us talking! Roasting Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley just for espresso has taught me, after last night's roasting session, that such an endeavor is as awesome and rewarding as it is difficult. The weather tonight reminds me of evenings at home. I love my care group. 135.3, Lee Sill, 135.3. It's good to know that I still was able to lobby for some pie during my conversation with Katie. Two of those break-side throws to J.C. were incredibly pretty; too bad they weren't in league games. Yes yes yes, my sisters have my address now.

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It's Its, People

Tamara just called me to let me know she was driving down the road and saw a slogan that read, "Life has it's moments." Ugh. Does no one edit anymore? Not often enough, and most definitely not often enough in Kentucky.

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From a chat log with Ms. H. A. Pittman:

For the record, I shared a rather prodigious amount of freshly-baked, awesome snickerdoodles with Ms. B. Hayko...and even said more than five whole sentences to her.

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Quills 2.0

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Asinine Auction

This is just retarded, wrong, and as Kane said, irresponsible. There's no way that Target -- yes, that Target -- can take such beautiful coffee, roast it well, and sell it in such a manner in their retail stores that it does justice to the beans and the prices they'll charge their customers. The freshness of the coffee is a delicate thing, and a matter of days makes a huge difference in the flavor of quality coffee. Coffee on a shelf for two weeks? It should be marked down significantly, because the product has changed drastically. Think Target is going to do that? No way.

Please understand, I'd love to be wrong, but as someone that actually does enjoy this sort of thing, it's frustrating. I may sound like I'm whining here, and to a certain degree I'm writing this post out of frustration and disgust, but understand that a lot of people have their livelihoods centered around coffee and their ability to produce high-quality coffees consistently. For them, this has got to be infuriating: yet another case of The Big Boys coming in and taking as they please. Stupid...just stupid.

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Yesterday, I told V-Neck that I had reached a conclusion: 90% of all t-shirts sold by legitimate coffee houses are printed on t-shirts manufactured by American Apparel. Trust me...I've looked ;)

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Coffee glory!

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Subtlety Optional

In a chat with Fairest yesterday, I told her the following:


Hm. That might get my point across.

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Linked Out

For now, the link boxes on the right are going to be seriously jacked up. I've been meaning to do this for, oh, three years or so, and I've not. I think it's because I want it to be perfect from the get-go, and if it's not, I'd rather not start at all. Thus, my fear of yet another Firefox crash combined with the knowledge that I can't long stand such visible blogging disarray has prompted me to at least save it as a work in progress, rather than attempt to get it done in one fell swoop.


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The following is something I had written a while back, but simply had not published:

Last week, when talking to Scott, I told him I would hate to have my sin, all of my sin, displayed for all to see. Take a scroll and write them out or replay the video of my life; either way, there's no way that I would want such a long, seemingly endless display of horrors to be disclosed.

I've heard that same illustration used any number of times in sermons. The point it's supposed to convey is that our sins our hideous and terrible; usually this is followed up by the truth that God knows our sin and loves us still, or that we should not hide our sin, or that we all are sinful and equally deserving of God's wrath. While all true, I find that these truths, when made with that illustration, are lacking. How so? Well, simply put, they don't motivate my wayward heart to seek the Lord.

Sin weighs me down like nothing else can. It's a wretched weight to bear, it truly is. It doesn't just weigh me down, it crushes; it doesn't just bruise, it downright batters. At times, I become so disgusted with it, so hateful toward it, I begin to see clearly what Paul wrote about to the Corinthian church: "I now rejoice, not that you were made sorrowful, but that were made sorrowful to the point of repentance; for you were made sorrowful according to the will of God, so that you might not suffer loss in anything through us. For the sorrow that is according to the will of God reproduces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death. For behold what earnestness this very thing, this godly sorrow, has produced in you: what vindication of yourselves, what indignation, what fear, what longing, what zeal, what avenging of wrong! In everything you demonstrated yourselves to be innocent in the matter."

I told Scott that I sometimes wish that my sin would be displayed. All of it. Full disclosure. It would be shameful and humiliating to put it mildly, but it would also be freeing: no feelings of guilt, no thoughts of, "Yes, I'm forgiven, but surely those sins are too horrible to forgive." Don't misunderstand me, as I'm not saying Christ isn't sufficient; I'm saying that I need help to battle unbelief. And yet, what is the cross if it isn't a display of the very sins I loathe most?

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I Have Normal Friends Somewhere



...I'm gonna get in trouble for this...

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Super Floral

Kane said he needed a little more of that. He did. Dig it.

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Social Networking Status

This is the Facebook status update that was entered sometime yesterday afternoon:

John Letoto thinks the ever-incorrigible James Lazarus Fullerton is one heck of a cute not-quite-three-years-old little guy, and that when James was posed with the question, "What are you going to get John Letoto for your birthday?" his answer of, "Umm...a teddy bear...probably!" was freakin' awesome. John will be happy to pick up his teddy bear by the end of the week.

Yes, that's written exactly as I intended it to be written. And yes, that's exactly what I asked him. And yes, that's exactly what his response was.

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This probably gets filed under the I Have Weird Friends category. Yeah.

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Cuteness Craze

Makana is ridiculously cute. I have proof here, here, here, and here.. And Stephen, too!

As a side note, I think it's a great idea for them to visit soon after they move to Alabama. Hint, hint ;)

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"The purpose of Christmas is Good Friday."

-D.A. Carson

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Thoughts: Godward

Question of the day: What thoughts, what truths, what actions will move me -- and others -- closer to the cross of Christ?

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I'm a coffee geek. No two ways about it. It's well past 2:30 in the morning and I'm up after finishing bagging up the last of the three batches I put through my roaster tonight. I'm tired, I'm mocking Hannah Gail Turi over Facebook chat, and I'm supposed to be up early enough to roll out of here to go with Jeesh to Sunergos at around 9 AM. And what am I doing? Reading another article on coffee at

The descriptions of the shards of the grounds of the El Salvador coffee from Matalapa, a coffee that did very well in the 2008 Cup of Excellence competition, a coffee that's sitting in my own kitchen, caught my attention and made me smile. The very thought of sitting there at Ritual as they poured the just-off-the-boil water into the cups containing those wonderful grounds, communing with the unique, vivacious and fading aromas and with one another...well...yeah.

What can I say? I'm a coffee geek.

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Random Chatter

"P as in prayer warrior... pseudonym... purgatory... purchase order... pneumonia... mnemonic..."

"Aahhh, good ol' Limanti...there are only so many weirdos in this world who do my bidding with such shameless joy...the rest do my bidding with shameful trepidation."

"I'll show you some budding sweaty man boobs if you don't watch out."

"Too much description...this is why you need a blog."

"That is a fascinating analysis of the contextual needs of the beings within this domain."

"Why oh why did I need to read that? I have yet another scar thanks to you."

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Untrained Eye

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I think I'm going to do a series of coffee house reviews. Ben Hedrick is the man. I should probably call my sisters...soon...very, very soon. Black Eyed Peas on the boom boom brain, yo. I do chai double-dirty. I wanna see Uncle Leonard sing more! I have no idea whose MacBook this is. Buck has the largest portable display I've ever seen. Moisan's reason for declining sushi last night: "I'm staring at the ocean." Two nights in a row...Rev and I had a little roll going. Speaking of Rev rolling, how 'bout that scratch, eh? Team Go isn't half bad, not at all. I love our pastors. I wonder if Michael Butterworth has discovered that this is back up?

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Late Latte

This was from a couple of months ago...Kenny poured in Chicago at Coffee Fest. I'm not certain if he submitted it in the competition or not, but I don't think he did.

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Cup of the Morning

Oh. Gosh. Yes. This Guatemala Oriente is a little "young" in the sense that the roast hasn't been given enough time to sit and develop, but the flavor is definitely popping even at this stage. Wonderful. Reminds me of Christmas, it does.

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Glorification of Coffee

The first roast of the evening, the luscious Guatemala Oriente dry-processed bean, is resting in the aluminum baking pan I use to remove the last of the chaff from each batch. When I take a whiff, it smells like fruity brownies or jelly donuts. That's less than an hour out of the roaster!

God does not get enough glory for coffee, and I'm setting out to remedy that.

The second roast, the one that just finished less than fifteen minutes ago, is my beloved Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley. It, too, is dry-processed. Unlike the Guatemalan bean, however, this batch will be set aside for exclusive use as a single-origin espresso. Also unlike the Guatemalan bean, this roast didn't come anywhere near the second crack, which is, unfortunately, an unusual thing when it comes to espresso shots.

Mmm...glorious, indeed!

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I'm back.

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Hide Away in the Love of Jesus is currently looping on iTunes. For good reason, too.

Come weary saints, though tired and weak
Hide away in the love of Jesus
Your strength will return by His quiet streams
Hide away in the love of Jesus

Come wand’ring souls, and find your home
Hide away in the love of Jesus
He offers the rest that you yearn to know
Hide away in the love of Jesus

Hear Him calling your name
See the depths of His love
in the wounds of His grace
Hide away

Come guilty ones, weighed down with sin
Hide away in the love of Jesus
The freedom you long for is found in Him
Hide away in the love of Jesus

Hear Him calling your name
See the depths of His love
in the wounds of His grace
Hide away

Come hopeless hearts, do not despair
Hide away in the love of Jesus
For ten thousand joys await you there
Hide away in the love of Jesus

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"You're my own personal phone book, Toto."

-Peter Sieg

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Feeling Roasty

Guatemala El Injerto Estate to Full City. Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley to City+. Mexico Nayarit DP to Full City. Kenya AB Rukira Auction Lot #786 to Full City. Indonesia Flores Manggarai to City+. El Salvador Matalapa Estate Bourbon to Full City. Ethiopia Kemala "Korito Koran" to Full City+.

That's a lot of roasting for one evening...

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Chat Log

The following is a chat log I had with Peter, in all its unedited, gross glory.

9:21 AM me: you know how I started running again?
New: mhm
me: kind of makes me feel out of shape...
9:22 AM and not "out of shape for me" out of shape
New: why?
me: "out of shape in general" out of shape
even though I'm not
I think
it's because Spring has sprung
New: are you looking for affirmation?
me: and as such
no, not at all
New: =)
9:23 AM me: there's a tendency for a particular type to start coming out
the one dressed in brand new running shoes
sporting a heart rate monitor
and wearing a synethic running shirt that's too big, yet clings to the torso because of the more-than-just-budding man boobs
9:24 AM New: too much description
this is why you need a blog
me: hahahahahahahahaha
is probably the best argument to bring it back
of all the ones I've heard, it's the most logical
9:25 AM New: if you do bring it back you probably have to quote that
your description and everything
me: oh
I will

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Bloggled Butterworth

A couple of weeks ago, Butterworth the Younger somehow managed to break his ankle. His timing on this was impeccable, as he is currently laid up in a cast and unable to do much of anything requiring mobility of a quick nature. I figured a little post in his honor was in order since I told him my blog was deleted and done. Oops. Not quite, I guess.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago on the morning of the infamous trip to the airport. Well, one of the infamous trips to the airport ;)

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S.O. What?

I recently sent this email to the Sweet Maria's mailing list:

Has anyone tried the Ndaroini as a single-origin espresso? The other night, a friend and I pulled a few shots of this delightful little bean. It had been roasted just a couple of snaps into 2nd crack, just like Tom advises, and rested for a full seven days.

Wow! The crema was an explosion of citrus bittersweets and sours, with a touch of creaminess; the middle had a touch of chocolate and sweet, fruited notes; the bottom was a liquid Mystery Jolly Rancher of some sort, I swear it was! The shots were all pushing the high edge of the flavor envelope for espresso, but I don't think they ever went over it. Maybe peeked, maybe danced along the edge, but never over. Those shots were, simply put, a delightful rush.

After the second shot, I called up another friend, a barista that had recently competed in Millrock's latte art competition at Coffeefest in Chicago, and asked him, "If I told you that we're standing here sipping on a single-origin espresso that is one of the sweetest things I've ever put into my mouth, and that that SO is from Kenya, would you believe me?" He said, "No, I wouldn't. But because it's you, I do."

All that to say, if you've not tried this little wonder as espresso, give it a try.

In order to understand the craziness of pulling a shot of single-origin espresso from a Kenya bean, well, you have to understand that it's just not least, not in a normal coffee world where the rules are followed.

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