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It's Not Butter...

It's a Butterworth!

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Mug Shot

Christie decided to hide behind my mug...for a mug shot :)

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Willow Revisted

Remember that scene in the movie version of The Fellowship of the Ring, the one where the hobbits are reunited in Rivendell after Frodo awakens? The lighting is soft and glowy, the score aurally tender soothing, yet the scene is full of effervescent joy. Are you picturing that scene? Ok, good. Now, instead of Frodo and Merry and Pippin dancing around Rivendell in the afternoon sun like the happy little hobbits they were, substitute me and Scott dancing around in my room tonight like the happy little humans we are.

The reason for our jaunty jig? We finally got a working VCR into the room :) I'll not drag you through the details of our sad and tiresome saga and all its tomfoolery. No, not tonight. Rather, suffice it to say that when we got the darn thing plugged in and showing hard evidence of working properly, such was our overflowing joy that Scott and I did a dance complete with a happy little hug and a dorky high five.

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The Sisters Cavie

The esteemed Sisters Cavanaugh, as seen here at the McDonald's near the Dirty Kroeger.

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Stephanie decided that she would try to "massage" the Old Man Gray out of Scott's hair.

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Isaiah 6:1 - 5
In the year of King Uzziah's death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one called out to another and said, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory." And the foundations of the thresholds trembled at the voice of him who called out, while the temple was filling with smoke. Then I said, "Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts."

Isaiah 53:10
But the LORD was pleased to crush Him, putting Him to grief; if He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He will prolong His days, and the good pleasure of the LORD will prosper in His hand.

Ephesians 4:30
Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

The Lord's infinite delight is rooted in His holiness, His inifinitely glorious worth and perfection that from and to all eternity never wavers nor falters. This holiness which shines forth so gloriously is the very reason why the Lord was pleased to bruise Christ, and the reason why His Spirit grieves so deeply over sin. I told Smythe that it's easy for me to separate the delight the Lord takes in His perfection from His perfection. That's not right in the least; if Scripture does not do so, I should not, either. The delight He takes in the redemption of His people, even unto the hideous crushing of His Son, is rooted in His perfection. Christ Himself knew a grief deeper than I will ever know, in order that I might know a delight that I would never have known otherwise. It is the Lord's glory that His perfection is displayed so.

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Dinner Time Again

Lauren had gas, Scott had gas, and Emily was trying in vain to escape.

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Mrs. Cavie, I'm sure there's a good explanation for what was happening here. If you hear about it, let me know :)

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Scott sometimes talks out loud in his sleep. His nocturnal monologues range from diatribes concerning the use of midgets in Hollywood all the way to oratories addressing the glorious use of wax in hair. Often, however, Scott will have schizophrenic dialogue with his other self, whom he has named Jonathan Leeman.

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Those brownies were luscious and much so that they make my eyes roll back in their eye sockets. Somehow, I still have a quarter of the pan left :)

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Dinner Time

The following pictures were taken tonight in my room, after four rather silly individuals had partaken of dinner.

In this particularly touching photograph, I am seen pondering the wonders of the cosmos, while Scott is pondering the gaseous state...of stars :)

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"Oooohhh la la!"

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R. said she wanted that hat. I told her she could borrow it. What she does not yet know is that I'll trade in the use of that hat for more dinners :)

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Maybe she's been reading Dr. Seuss. Who knows?

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R. and Emily were quite ecstatic to bless Scott and I with dinner...who am I to argue with such zeal?

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It's all R.'s fault. She wanted to give Carver the Cat some milk, so she took Scott's milk. Because of that, my television set, which has a built-in VCR unit, kinda sorta maybe started to eat the Willow tape that Scott and I started to watch last night but didn't finish. The tape actually ended up ok last night, but since we fell asleep, it went all the way to the end and rewound on its own. The rewounding took the tape all the way back to the beginning, but because the VCR unit had already started to make the tape go snap, crackle, and pop, the tape was weakened sufficiently to break it upon the completion of the rewinding process.

This morning Scott got up earlier than I did, and he patiently waited for me to get up so we could finish the movie. Well...nuthin' doin'. Upon discovering the horrendous tape snappage this morning, we surmised that it was the Divine justice and wrath of God being manifest in my room. Continuing on in our idolatrous ways, Scott and I were determined to fix our Idol (the VCR tape) by taking it apart and taping it back together again. While I'll not detail the intricacies of our idolatry, we did finally succeed in putting Humpty back together again.

We even gave one another a dorky little high-five :)

Yet, as Israel was cut off from her idolatry, so the Lord cut us off from ours. The VCR unit broke, and it would not play the movie. Much consternation and blaspheming poor R.'s name broke out. Scott, in particular, was quite distraught. He said something to the effect of, "You don't understand! I waited two hours for you to get up! I need to watch Willow! I'll lose my salvation if I don't!" I told him he was whining as though he were my wife or something.

Come to think of it, that's kind of how it felt last night. He walked in after the long drive back from St. Louis, and proclaimed his great relief at having arrived "back at home." I reminded him that "home" was my room. After that reminder, he climbed into bed and said, "I miss my John. I miss my blanket." I told him that it was Chriyus Davis' blanket. He did not seem to care, so caught up was he in the comforts of my room.

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Dr. D to Dr. M

This little picture was taken a while ago, and I've been meaning to post it. Our beloved Dr. D had it on his door :)

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It's been a while since I've tossed up several tasty clicks, so I know all of you are quite ecstatic over today's flavor of Linkage :)

The fact that the Giants were contending for a spot in the playoffs while under .500 is a bittersweet point to ponder for this Giants fan. Part of the reason for the shoddy season? Robb Nen. Rather, the lack of Robb Nen.

Go. Have fun. Be five years old again. (Or stay that way, R.)

Need tunes? Can't decide? Check it.

Hmmm...kinda cool. Oh! I know! We need something like this in our bibles!

Other than the fact that the dude who made this is in Hawai'i, this case mod is just plain sick.


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Earlier this week, I discussed with Christin one of the great ironies in relationships: while guys and girls will work hard to put on what they think is their best appearance in order to attract someone of the opposite sex, the goal of such labors is to get the other person not to freak out and run screaming when the worst is revealed. That's a rather silly take on it, to be sure, but it made me stop and think.

Is that how I approach God?

If I'm honest with myself, I think I have to say that it is. My heart's been heavy today, for a plethora of reasons I'll not list. It's difficult enough to think clearly when my brain is fogged over with my pride and selfishness, but when I become sucked so far down into the muck and mire of life that I feel I cannot see or breathe, I just want to go fetal position and sleep the day away.

But that's not going to happen, is it?

Nope. As I was contemplating rolling over and playing dead for a few days, the Lord brought to mind some Scriptures that I've read or thought about lately: my soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation...all discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness...He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken...therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus can I give you up, O Ephraim? How can I surrender you, O Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I treat you like Zeboiim? My heart is turned over within Me, all My compassions are kindled...but as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.

So often, I talk myself into thinking that God doesn't quite see everything in my heart. I'll try to come before the Lord with a joyful heart, but He knows that the wellspring of joy has become a stagnant pool of drudgery. I often seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth, but He knows that my spirit pulls away from the truth that convicts. Sometimes, I'll speak glorious things of our glorious Savior. Yet, I find those words empty and without savor, for without having tasted of and feasted upon Christ's sweet and satisfying presence, how will my words be savory?

Last night, Emily, Liz, and Amanda decided that they wanted to read my paper on marriage out loud. So they did that. When I walked into the room, they'd gotten through most of it, so I sat down to take a listen. It's a curious sort of experience to hear others read aloud something you've written. When Amanda got to the portion on Hosea's marriage to Gomer the prostitute being shocking, I smiled, for it was followed with a declaration that the Lord's redeeming marriage to His errant bride should be all the more shocking. Is that not the very nature of the Lord's love for us? A love that is shocking, yet freely and joyfully given by the Lord with the complete knowledge of the fullness of our wretchedness?

I forget what the Lord's love for me is like. I forget that He already knows the things that make me try to run from myself, and from Him. But He is faithful to remind me, and to graciously show me over and over again that the dimensions of His grace are far, far, far greater than I will ever know.

Thus, it is with a somewhat ironic revelation that I once again look to Christ, in the hopes that the Lord would cleanse from me the muck and mire I drudge through. It is a nasty job, one that I could never accomplish on my own, and one that I think my God is too good for. But the amazing thing? He did it anyway, and He is faithful to remind me that He did. He is, after all, mindful that I am but dust.

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This kinda/sorta qualifies as Girl's Night III. Scott was there to watch the movie (yes, Sarah, we finally watched a movie), but I'm not sure if they finished it or not. I fell asleep somewhere around...oh...I don't remember, I was sleeping.

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Almost 2 Months!

When I called Mary, I could hear the little dude hiccuping in the background. If I remember correctly, that was the first time I've ever heard him. Well, other than his crying, 'cause as we all know, crying doesn't count.

It made me shed a tear, it did.

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Leah decided to do this with just the slightest bit of encouragement from infinitesimal amount, really...hardly the least bit of cajoling involved, truly...

Ok, I made her do it. But she was smiling!

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They're first year girls at Boyce...that's all the explanation I can really muster at this point.

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Allison, seen here in the Pose of the Day.

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The Pause Button

This was taken while doing security for some women's health thingamajig. I laughed a long, long time after reading that bit on menopause :)

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He asked me if he could pray for me. That almost never, ever, ever happens. But last night it did, and it blessed me.

Bryce seemed to be much like any other person at the fair last night: young, dressed in a t-shirt and semi-wrinkled khakis from American Eagle, and excited about the Lord. He started out asking me about Boyce, and I went into my refined spiel about Boyce College and its myriad benefits. After listening intently for several moments, he continued on with several more questions. Then, after listening to me ramble on a little while longer, he asked me what Boyce College was really like, and what the students were like who graduated from the institution.

I love questions like that. They make me smile. They also reveal that the persons asking such questions really want to know about Boyce, and that they are the type of persons who are not satisfied with what's seen on the outside. Rather, they show a rare desire to get to the heart of things. Such people remind me of the Lord, for just as they are not satisfied with mere appearances, so the Lord is most interested in the heart.

I told Bryce that Boyce is just like any other gathering of sinners, particular the Church. As much as I'd like to say that each and every Boyce graduate will go on to a long life of fruitful ministry, I'd be lying if I said that I believe with all my heart that that will be the case. I related to him the story that Dr. Akin (I think) told us once in chapel. A young man had become disenchanted with the Church, and with certain ministers he had once looked up to. He saw around him a plethora of disappointment: pastors in adulterous relationships, friends consistently engaged in unscrupulous activity, and even failure within his own life. Life, it seemed, was disappointing him into defeat. This young man went to see one of his professors, to let him know of his frustration. The professor listened to the young man as he poured out the pains of his heart. At the end of his litany, the professor responded in kind, himself agreeing that life was full of disappointment, and that he, too, keenly felt the pains and disappointment of ministry. Then the professor said something else. He said that while many men had disappointed him, and that he himself had disappointed many others, that was still not the primary matter at hand. Why? As he looked back over the course of his life, he could not once recall any point at which he could say that the Lord Jesus Christ had disappointed him. The professor then asked if Christ had ever disappointed the young man. Christ's perfection is the primary reason for our faith, not our own performance.

As I related that story to Bryce, I finished by saying that I see in myself my own failures; all too keenly, and yet not keenly enough, I think. I also see the disappointment that others have rendered. Many are the times when I've shaken my head in disbelief over the wretchedness of Man. But what I told Bryce was that I could not once remember when Christ had disappointed. That was what counted most.

He looked at me and smiled. He said that I seemed to be a genuine person. I kind of chuckled at that, and I said that I hoped he was right. Bryce then asked if he could pray for me. That, more than any other moment on my adventurous and tumultuous trip to the country of Texas, blessed me.

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Mr. Jim

It was like a movie. Mr. Jim and I had sat next to one another on our flight to Dallas on Monday morning. We chatted a bit, then went our separate ways. Imagine my surprise, then, when we saw one another this morning while waiting to check our baggage. We shook our heads when we found out we were on the same flight back to Pittsburg; we laughed incredulously when we found out we were on the same row. The ultimate laugh came when we realized we were seated in the same seating arrangement as when we flew in to DFW. It was at that point when I asked Mr. Jim if he'd mind appearing on my blog. He was more than happy to acquiesce to my silly whims ;)

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More Cleve!

Cleve was smiling 'cause I was about to leave. Why the joy over my departure? 'Cause while I was there, we got into a car accident in his car, and then his family's van kinda sorta broke down. such thing as coincidence, right? Yep...just providence :)

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The score reads 7 - 0 on the air hockey machine. Judging by Cleve's rather dour countenance, who do you think won???

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BR, Baby :)

The Galleria in Dallas is quite the mall. One section includes BR on the first floor, Gap on the second floor, and Old Navy on the third floor. The BR in there...oh my...hotness.

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So...this is me and Cleve, before the accident.

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The Road Goes Ever On

The first trip up to South Bend has come and gone, and I have not returned unaffected. I told Mon after the game that I feel a long blog post coming on; how could I not express my thoughts on such a momentous occasion? For those of you who actually kept up with the pictures that I posted throughout the day yesterday, I don't know whether or not to commend you for your vigilance and fortitude or to commend to you a good counseling session with your pastor ;) Seriously, though, it was something I don't think I want to forget, through either visual objectivity or experiential subjectivity, and so this post will recount some of the thoughts that ran through my head yesterday and are continuing to run through my head today. I'm going to do it a little differently, however. How so? I'll take a quote from some place (book, a person, or some other source) and run with it. You'll see what I mean ;)

"Well, I'm back." That's what Samwise said in The Return of the King when he returned from the Grey Havens, after watching Frodo and the rest of those on the ship leave with Cirdan on the ship bound for the West. That's kind of how I feel now. I'm sad; Notre Dame lost, yet the loss is not all sorrow. I gained much in having seen the campus, experienced the sights and sounds I had heretofore experienced only through the Media, and spent some great time with my sister.

When Sam said those words in the Return of the King, the novel ended. Yet his story went on, as he knew it had to. Frodo had left, and he was the Master of Bag End. Life, and not necessarily life as he had once known it, had to go on. In a similar fashion, I was reminded of how fleeting our lives our. On the drive back, I was still thinking about the game, but the Lord grounded me once more in life beyond those 60 minutes of football. We love, we hurt, we hope; what will we do when our hopes are crushed, the hurt is magnified, and we don't want to love? It's easy to bounce back from a game. After all, it's just a game. (I keep telling myself that, in hopes that it'll sink in.) Still, life often seems far more devastating, does it not? What will we do when our hopes are crushed, the hurt is magnified, and we don't want to love? The real question behind that is, "Is Christ enough?" Of course He is. But we answer with our lives, not our lips.

"Great sorrow." If you don't know who says this, you just haven't been at Boyce or Southern long enough. Dr. Betts felt Great Sorrow after Ohio State lost a little over a week ago, no doubt, and I now empathize with him in a much deeper fashion than I had prior to yesterday's loss. Great, great sorrow, indeed!

"They seem a bit above my likes and dislikes, so to speak." Seeing the There aren't a whole lot of people here at school who realize the degree to which I've followed Notre Dame football over the years (or sports in general, for that matter), so this post may seem somewhat melodramatic. If you're one of those people, consider yourself hereby enlightened. The evidence for my fanaticism? Hmmmm...among other things, I'd written a paper on Lou Holtz and Knute Rockne in high school, consistently woke up my sisters and mother on Saturday mornings while watching the the Irish play, cried when Lou retired, screamed my head off and cried when FSU was voted national champs in '93 (the greatest injustice in ND history, other than Joe Montana riding the bench for so long), cut out the Top 25 from the newspaper and used it as bookmarks each week in elementary school (yeah, a long time ago), and generally suffered in agony through the last years of Lou and the Two Men of Whom We Do Not Speak. So yes, to say that the entire experience yesterday was above my likes and dislikes is a very appropriate statement, as I do think that Master Samwise does well in capturing my thoughts once more. He was describing to Frodo his thoughts on meeting Elves for the very first time, those whom he had yearned to meet for so long. I, too, had yearned to watch a game in South Bend, but had not yet done so. Was everything as I thought it would be? Yes, and more so. The Basilica, the Grotto, the Golden Dome, and the stadium...absolutely perfect. But how could they be otherwise?

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ND vs. MSU

After the game, my text message to Sarah went something like this:


Still, I had a blast. I told Mon that it was the best ND loss I've ever seen :)

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Kaipo Punahele made my day. Well, he helped to make my day. I heard good kine pidgin (he went Kam School), which sometimes works better than anything else to soothe my landlocked soul. Heck, just look at him...if he's not Hawaiian, I don't know who is!

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There was a row of old guys sitting in front of us. This dude captured how we all felt at the end of the game :(

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The field. On gameday. I've wanted to see this view with my own eyes for...hmmm...the majority of my life. Yeah, that's a long time.

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That would be me on the left, and Mon on the right...just in case you couldn't tell ;)

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A view of the student section and Kaipo's arm. The student section was appropriately attired in The Shirt, which is a sort of goldenrod this year.

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Remember in Rudy, when he first walks into Notre Dame Stadium, and his jaw is practically on the ground?

Yeah, that was me when I walked in yesterday :)

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These MSU fans were sneaking some of our grub. Well, not sneaking per se, but they were partaking of our vittles. Do I blame them? Nope. It was, after all, the ND Club of Hawai'i that provided a good portion of the food :)

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There's an old ND shirt from back in the day when Mon was a student. It read, "Even God Hates Miami". It was, of course, from the days when the University of Miami and ND were bitter rivals. Touchdown Jesus is part of the reason why "God is on our side."

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It's really hard to see, but the folks playing croquet were they were playing croquet.

In the 1500's.

Yeah, definitely the hotness.

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The Golden Dome's underside. This is definitely off the Cool Factor chart :)

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The Sacred Heart Basilica. Most know the Dome, but this is right next to it.

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Everybody else was doing it!

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Bagpipes, bagpipes, bagpipes. In dark Mindolluin's sides they dimly echoed. Great bagpipes of the North wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last.

Wait a second...

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The Hammes Bookstore, where anything and everything is ND. It was crazy in there!

Boyce (and Southern, for that matter) doesn't have anything anywhere near this cool. While Boyce isn't nearly as large as ND, it would still be nice to have some selection when it came to Boyce College clothing and paraphernalia. Part of the bummer for students looking for such items is that the clothing is...well...pretty lame :/

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It's hard to tell here, but those pumpkins were carved with exquisite detail. I wanted to take one, but Mon said I should wait until after the game to start stealing stuff ;)

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The University of Notre Dame's seal. Hotness, absolute hotness.

I wonder if Dr. Mohler would mind wearing this thing around his neck for a change?

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Last year, Mon and Dave gave me this blanket for my birthday. While I sleep, I sometimes whisper to it, "my precious, it was my birthday present, it was!"

It was only fitting that this make the first trip up to Bend :)

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On the ride up to South Bend, there's a McDonald's that all the ND folks stop at after first getting onto Route 31. Mon told me this as we were entering; I didn't quite believe her until I went into the bathroom, and the other guy in there had the interlocking "ND" monogram on his khaki's.

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Hilarious Heresy

"And John became flesh, and dwelt among us."
-Paul Butterworth, when describing a particular point in the evening at last night's Mug 'N Muffin, hosted by yours truly. If you don't understand it, it's because you do not yet know the background story...and if you'd like to know, you'll have to ask me, 'cause it's hilarious :)

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Gollum Revisited

I've started reading some Tolkien again. The Fellowship of the Ring is the current flavor of choice, as Scott will bitterly attest. Right now I'm still in the Shire, and Gandalf has just told Frodo of the true nature of the One Ring, and how through Gollum's treachery, it eventually found its way to Frodo's own hand.

When I read through that segment earlier, I was reminded of a little piece I wrote several years back. I'd posted it then, but since it's come to mind, I'd like to post it again.

A strange thing has occurred within me over the past decade. Gollum, of The Lord of the Rings fame, has become increasingly heroic in my eyes. I cannot pinpoint exactly when this began to happen, for that seems of far less import than the profound reason why.

I recall a creeping horror that slithered its way into my imagination when my mind first beheld his wretched form. Silently I pleaded with Bilbo to run, not to trust Gollum, for I did not believe a creature so vile, so detestable, could possibly have any good within him. Yet, held within the memory of that very first encounter deep within the roots of the Misty Mountains, I can now see the true reason for my horror.

When gazing into that festering heart, that heart that knew no hope, no love, and no kindness, I happen upon the very thing I loathe: the wretchedness of my heart. I had long harbored a disdain toward Gollum with an air of superiority. But this disdain, I now realize, had sprung forth from the revulsion of seeing my own fears given existence, given a name.

With great ease had I condemned him! He who had a mind long caged in its own lies and deceits, unable or unwilling to see beyond its depraved desires. His faults were seen and weighed, and swiftly did I pronounce his doom. Of good there was naught to be seen; had there been any, it came in a form so stunted and deformed as to render it unrecognizable. In due time, however, I found that my cries against his hideousness echoed back at me, mocking me, accusing my own heart. A painful brokenness came upon me the when I learned the aching reality.

How terrible and sweet was the hour of truth! Long had I myself been caged, yet knew it not; long had I fed upon the depraved desires of my soul, gnawing jealously upon lies. To see myself in Gollum mirrored was to embrace the sobering truth, which had been buried and forgotten for so long.

My pleas are not for Bilbo to run any more. No, they are reserved for Gollum, for myself, to turn away from the lies, and remember the truth that pierces through the darkness. Though Gollum failed in the end, he was shown the pity and the grace that should he eventually desire to change, he could. So when I read of his exploits now, I cheer for him, in hopes that I might learn what he did not - there is indeed hope for the wretched.

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Sarah stole/borrowed my phone. Again. This is the result.

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Geography Lesson

Portions of my conversation with Mary and Kason last night...4,000-plus miles away:

Me: "Kason, will you get Uncle John a Double Quarter-Pounder?"
Kason: "Do you want a Cheeseburger too?"
Me: "Sure."
Kason: "Do you want to talk to my mommy again?"
Mary gets on the phone.
Mary: "Sorry, we're a little cramped in the car."
Me: "Sounds like it. Are you guys ordering now?"
Mary: "Yeah."
Kason: (In the background) "Get Uncle Johnny a Double Quarter-Pounder and a Cheeseburger! Uncle Johnny wants a Double Quarter-Pounder and a Cheeseburger!"
Me: "Make sure you tell Kason to save that for me for when I get home next month."

A little later in the phone call...

Kason: "Can I go to Uncle Johnny's house?"
Mary: "No, Uncle Johnny's house is in Kentucky."
Kason: "Where's Kentucky?"


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Cookie Monster

Scott likes cookies. Scott sometimes feels guilty about eating all of my cookies. Scott feels guilty not because they're my cookies, but because they have such a hideously high calorie count. Here, Scott is looking remorseful over the overdose of cookies.

I, being the good friend I am, was laughing at him the whole morning :)

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. A lot of thinking. Yes, more than I usually do. Ok, maybe not more than I usually do, but it certainly feels like it. A lot's happened in the past month to warrant this feeling. Grandpa being sick, classes setting in, balancing work hours and school hours, church stuff, stuff at home, and...well...the overall weight of responsibility. A large portion of that responsibility, I've come to realize, is found in an increased knowledge and understanding of what the Lord says in Scripture. Over the past few years, I've seen that knowledge and understanding increase dramatically; part of the fallout of such an increase is that I have to learn how to use that knowledge and understanding wisely. If I do not, I face consequences that are dangerous, to put it lightly.

It's been hard. I look at what Scripture both mandates and promises, and I see how short I fall. 2 Corinthians 4 comes to mind...afflicted, but not crushed...perplexed, but not despairing...persecuted, but not forsaken...struck down, but not destroyed. I see my own sin, and I feel crushed. I see how blind the World is, and I feel despair. Where, then, is there hope?

In the midst of the swarm of thoughts and emotions that surround, I keep coming back to one thought: look to Christ. It's simple, and maybe even absurdly so, yet it's the one hope I do have. Various texts of Scripture pop into my head, reminding me to do just that: fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to heart said to You, "Your face, O LORD, I shall seek"...for God, who said, "Light shall shine out of darkness," is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God...but we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

These days, I often wonder at how much the Lord's taught me; it's as though I cannot escape the greatness and the grandeur of His glory, even though I sometimes want to "take a break" from it all. I know, such a notion seems silly, but it's true. On the days when the Lord is not as savory as He once seemed, or at times when His Word is not as convicting to my hardened heart as it ought to be, I wonder what's going on...what's wrong.

It's at times like these, however, when looking at Christ truly becomes more than just an academic exercise. If I may sound somewhat academic for a minute, I'm reminded of what Christ meant, in an historical redemption sense, to those Jews to whom He appeared. Those who were eagerly awaiting the Messiah were those "to whom belongs the adoption as sons, and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the temple service and the promises, whose are the fathers, and from whom is the Christ according to the flesh." The life and death of the Messiah was the centerpiece of all that they stood for, the fulcrum upon which balanced the glorious purpose of their existence. Is it any less so for me?

No, but I make it seem so. Therefore, I must constantly be reminded of this weight of glory, and remember that this weight of sin has already been borne by Christ upon the cross. But oh, it is so hard! I hate the difficulty I have in seeing and savoring Christ as I ought. I know that my sin is wretched, and I know that the World is not where I belong, but how do I gain hope amidst such turmoil and strife? By fixing my eyes upon Christ as I am being pulled onward by the sweet weight of His eternal glory.

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Polling's past two in the morning, and I figured that since Pablo and I have been joking about this for a while, I'd go ahead and do it. Back sometime late in the Fall '04 semester, I tossed up a "Most Eligible Boyce Bachelor" poll. This time around, I figured I'd do two polls, one for returning guys, one for new guys. The top four or so from each will duke it out in a week...or two...or three...depending on if anyone actually votes. Bear in mind that I think this is utterly silly. Such silliness, however, is exactly what makes this so humorous :)

A note: I do believe that you're allowed to vote more than once, but the polling may be limited to one vote per computer per day. However, there area always ways around such limiting measures ;)

Boyce Bachelor: Old Guys


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Boyce Bachelor: New Guys


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Chriyus didn't believe that it was true, and Scott had to show the Knisely's for proof. Personally, I wouldn't have quite believed it, either, but here it is...proof that Cleve's got a girl!

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Nice Vice

My vice of the moment: a Dirty Blended Breve Chai, with whip. Its considerable charms include the subtle seduction of good chai, the rich indulgence of breve, the smooth chill of a blended drink, all boosted with a nice little shot of espresso. It's the shot of espresso that does it...without that strong undertone, the drink is still good, but it simply lacks that little something.

Oh, and don't forget the whip. The whip is that little flag on top that smirkingly says, "I've got a metabolism that warms up on whipped toppings. So there!"

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"This is Notre Dame. Fail to meet expectations and you're fired. Exceed expectations and you're compared to God. Or better yet, Rockne."
-Wayne Drehs, staff writer at, on Charlie Weis' success at Notre Dame. The guys doing the commentary for ABC said that if Notre Dame won, Weis would be the first coach at Notre Dame to win his first two games on the road...since Knute Rockne. Interesting tidbit: There's a seminary student who once dated Rockne's grandson. She even got tickets for a game once, just because of that. That's a sweet hookup!

"Whoops! Sorry, fellas!"
-Jim Winn, said sometime during our conversation yesterday.

"I'm at a loss for words."
-Me, at the Coffee House on Friday night

"This is going to be my last song."
-The Dave Collins, said at exactly the same moment I said I was at a loss for words, and having no connection to my statement whatsoever.

"Mark it down!!!"
-Sarah Cress, in reply to my loss for words at the Coffee House. The thing is, she yelled her remark rather boisterously (she's never known me to be at such a loss...nor has anyone else, for that matter), which meant that to the rest of the occupants of the Patio Room she sounded like she was commenting on Dave's song being his last song.

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Echoes Are Waking

Shortly after the end of the game, I called Dave Schrock and left a voicemail. Earlier today, Dave promised me, "I'll give you a call after Michigan wins."


After leaving a delightful voicemail for Mr. Schrock, I called Gabe Slone, another Wolverine fan. Gabe did not answer his phone, either. While leaving voicemail for Gabe, Zack Thurman called me. I didn't get to pick up his call, so I called him back. Zack said that Gabe was sitting in the car with him, and that Gabe had not picked up because he knew why I was calling.


Next Saturday, Mon and I are making our way up to South Bend for the first home game of the Charlie Weis tenure at ND. It'll also be my first ND game in South Bend. Woohoo! Mon reminded me not to wear green, 'cause we're playing Michigan State. I told her I'd bust out in my old-school ND jersey...legit vintage look, too :)

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Coffee House

Here, in no particular order, are some pics from Boyce's Coffee House. Miss Kellermeyer is seen here...kind of.

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