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2006 is nearly gone. Wow. Seems like just yesterday I was hanging up that calendar that Lisa gave me. It might still be stuck on September. Oops.

Over the past several days, as the impending new year approached without hesitation, I kept thinking about what this year has been like. I tried to think of the most profound things I'd learned, in hopes that those lessons would capture the essence of my 2006; not happening. I tried several memories that would summarize what happened; still not happening. I even tried to think of just one word or thought that ran as a common thread throughout the entire year.

Oh. Puh. Lease.

When I think back over the past twelve months, I see a lot of ups and downs, a lot joy, a lot of sadness. I feel overwhelemed with the enormity of it all, to be honest with you. I feel overwhelmed with myself, with my propensity to sin, and my responsibility in light of Christ's presence in my heart. I feel overwhelmed with people, for I see myself constantly surrounded by far more friends (in the truest sense of the word) than I ever will be able to earn or deserve, and with, I daresay, far more influence in their lives than I should probably have.

In a sense, I suppose what I'm saying is that there's a whole lot more there than can be captured in just one blog post. It's a darn good thing I've got archives, huh?

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Session Impressions

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This trip home was the first time I'd seen Kayla since she became a teenager.

Dun Dun Dunnnn!

She's looking and sounding a little older, behaving more like a teenager, and growing ziii...uhh...things. Red things.

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A Worship Experience

For those of you who know Andrew and me well, you know that our relationship centers around God. That being the case, we love to worship our Lord together in many ways, food being high on the list. Very high on the list of places we love to consume food in a worshipful experience is most definitely Young's, a little Korean hole-in-the-wall run by a woman who knows us by name. Whenever we make it home, we're always sure to stop in and praise God for such wonderful flavors :)

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God's Country

White Christmas? Naaaaaaah!

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K Kiddies

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Yet another reason why the Nihonjin stymie me. They can design things like this, but have yet to come up with a passable washer/dryer solution. Insane.

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Back. More later.

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Here You Go, Bro

' was great sharing many a meal with you. Hopefully, this will help you look forward to sharing many more.

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There are reasons why the North Shore is the North Shore. Even on a small day in the winter months, it's still someplace folks flock to. Unfortunately, some flock in ways that are a little'll see :)

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Those Guys...

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No matter how sore my toe gets, no matter how tight my shoe feels while I travel, no matter how desperate I become, I won't do it.

I refuse to pee on my toe. So there.

Stupid wana...

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Where We Are

I talked to Andrew today. I was driving to Kewalo's to meet up with Brian, Brit, and Kyle. He was driving as well, with Sandi riding shotgun. I was telling him about the offshore winds, he was telling me about the weather where he was.

In Pennsylvania.

It's strange, but come this time tomorrow, I'll be flying on my way back to the EST, too. It's been a great trip, one that's taught me much, one that's confirmed many things, and one that's raised a lot of questions. One thing I do know right now: I hate leaving home. Always have, and I'm pretty certain I always will.

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North Shore

The Surf Crew headed out to the Country yesterday before 'Drew and Sandi had to leave. While we didn't surf, we did laugh...a lot...and look at the surf...a lot.


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Off the Cute Chart

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First Bite

'Drew, Boss and I went to breakfast this past Sunday to Boots & Kimo's. While breakfast there has become a God-glorifying tradition for Andrew and me, Boss had never been there before.


Oh my.

Never fear, we did not neglect to capture Boss' first bite of the famed banana pancakes with the macadamia nut sauce. Heck yeah :)

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More Stuff...

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