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I want to change my name on Facebook to Your Mom just so I can have the feed say stuff like, "Jessica Cimato wrote on Your Mom's wall..." I'm watching that video over and over and over just to hear Bouch say over and over and over, "You got beat by a woman! Do it to him, Loomis, do him dirty! Where you at, Gallagher?" When Peter hears, "District of Columbia," and thinks to himself, "We don't ship outside of the U.S.," you know he's definitely got to be from Idaho. She of the Blue Grey and Hazel is absolutely correct about her husband. When Frances informed me that she tried to hook me up with someone, I told her that her daughter tried the same thing some years ago...but at least she, unlike my niece, didn't do so with me right there. That VT guy will be happy to learn that some of the men of IBC played some croquette at Waterfront last night. I'm hungry. Barbara said the Weather Channel said it wasn't going to rain; Ben said the radar looked clear; John said the clouds looked pretty darned indicative of rain; Daniel's soaked articles of clothing declared John the weather-prediction winner for the morning. Mrs. O, I suppose 11 doesn't...I'm glad you agree.

posted by Bolo | 6:46 PM
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