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There was a fly in my coffee today. I like what Scott Schuman said about outfits: "If something's super-dramatic, you can hide behind it. With classic pieces, you have to put some of yourself in it." September 6, San Diego State, in South Bend. The left hammy feels terrible. Speaking of Hammy, but not that hammy, I owe that crazy fool a disc. Koratie tomorrow! I found out that fly was in my coffee when sipping. When one of your coworkers is going to sell you a car, the amusement factor of the situation skyrockets when said coworker's mother, whom you've never met or spoken to, emails you to do a little cajoling on her offspring's behalf. Speaking of coworkers, putting someone on hold or leaving them voicemail are wonderful features of telephone technology, but it seems that Mr. Hedrick forgot that is not customary to use those features at the same time. No, I didn't see the fly as I sipped my coffee, I...felt it. Even with the head start, Szrama still finished lunch after we did. Dee Ar, you will be glad to know that your elder son still manages to attract the eyes of the ladies as he stands along Bardstown Road on a Sunday evening. Kewalo's would be nice. I get more air time on the Cavies' blog than the O'Neals' interesting.

posted by Bolo | 11:12 PM
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