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There's a certain absurdity to my life. I, after all, am a rather absurd individual. In fact, I've no doubt that some of my closest friends would respond with soberly amused nods at that assertion. 'Drew would probably smile, tilt his head to the side just a bit, look upward, purse his lips, raise his eyebrows, then laugh as a particular memory surfaces. Scott is likely to give any number of reasons why that statement is true, starting with an introductory line like, "See, the thing you have to understand about John Letoto is..."

I suppose my point is that I'm somewhat of a...strange individual. That said, perhaps what is strangest of all to those who do not know me well is that I'm in Kentucky. Let me explain. If I'm here, that means that I'm not at home in Hawai'i. It sounds simple enough, but to those who consider my homeland to be a place of wonder and infinite beauty, leaving there is one of the most absurd things I could do. Living in the middle of this continent, thousands of miles away from the open ocean I love and adore, does not seem to be the act of a sane person. After all, leaving such beauty is pretty darn absurd, isn't it?

I've been thinking a lot about sin this past week. At its root, sin is turning away from the infinite beauty of God, belittling it, and not enjoying it as it can and ought to be enjoyed. Sin, in a very serious and sad way, is absolutely and unconditionally absurd. The beauty found here on earth is a revelation of the beauty found in God, but it's still merely that: a revelation. It is not, in truth, the beautiful God Himself. When strangers find out where I'm from, they often remark, "How could you leave a place like that to come to a place like this?"

Absurdly enough, I often ask myself a similar question when faced with the reality of my sinfulness.

posted by Bolo | 6:33 PM
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