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Mike Philips placed third in the WBC...that may not mean much to most of you, but I think it's an awesome story. I was serious when I posted that Twitter update about Matt the other day, and I'm still serious about it today: I really did think to myself, "Is Matt the most gifted preacher at IBC?" during his sermon. I said gifted; not mature, not effective. If someone works in the coffee industry, and that someone's main task is to taste and rate coffees through cupping, I can't imagine how frustrating being sick with a stuffy nose would be for that person. It used to be that my blog ID was 5194548; after six years, my little temporary disappearance has changed it forever. Carson's series on Hebrews is stellar stuff. That video of the Letoto family at Easter...oh goodness, has it ever started us talking! Roasting Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley just for espresso has taught me, after last night's roasting session, that such an endeavor is as awesome and rewarding as it is difficult. The weather tonight reminds me of evenings at home. I love my care group. 135.3, Lee Sill, 135.3. It's good to know that I still was able to lobby for some pie during my conversation with Katie. Two of those break-side throws to J.C. were incredibly pretty; too bad they weren't in league games. Yes yes yes, my sisters have my address now.

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