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Asinine Auction

This is just retarded, wrong, and as Kane said, irresponsible. There's no way that Target -- yes, that Target -- can take such beautiful coffee, roast it well, and sell it in such a manner in their retail stores that it does justice to the beans and the prices they'll charge their customers. The freshness of the coffee is a delicate thing, and a matter of days makes a huge difference in the flavor of quality coffee. Coffee on a shelf for two weeks? It should be marked down significantly, because the product has changed drastically. Think Target is going to do that? No way.

Please understand, I'd love to be wrong, but as someone that actually does enjoy this sort of thing, it's frustrating. I may sound like I'm whining here, and to a certain degree I'm writing this post out of frustration and disgust, but understand that a lot of people have their livelihoods centered around coffee and their ability to produce high-quality coffees consistently. For them, this has got to be infuriating: yet another case of The Big Boys coming in and taking as they please. Stupid...just stupid.

posted by Bolo | 1:03 PM
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