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Chat Log

The following is a chat log I had with Peter, in all its unedited, gross glory.

9:21 AM me: you know how I started running again?
New: mhm
me: kind of makes me feel out of shape...
9:22 AM and not "out of shape for me" out of shape
New: why?
me: "out of shape in general" out of shape
even though I'm not
I think
it's because Spring has sprung
New: are you looking for affirmation?
me: and as such
no, not at all
New: =)
9:23 AM me: there's a tendency for a particular type to start coming out
the one dressed in brand new running shoes
sporting a heart rate monitor
and wearing a synethic running shirt that's too big, yet clings to the torso because of the more-than-just-budding man boobs
9:24 AM New: too much description
this is why you need a blog
me: hahahahahahahahaha
is probably the best argument to bring it back
of all the ones I've heard, it's the most logical
9:25 AM New: if you do bring it back you probably have to quote that
your description and everything
me: oh
I will

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