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Seriously...Stray Dog? I may officially start selling beans...well, least, it's still officially unofficial until it's officially official. Guy is going nuts with Twitter. You know I can make it happen, Moon, all you have to do is say the word. Speaking of which, I think my phone is becoming more and more legendary and more and more feared. Eternal Flame never gets old. I'm baller; that's according to Heiniger. Too much throwing the right lat feels like it's about a thousand years old. Sitting on the porch and enjoying the church warden and the Casano is a nice cap to the evening, especially in the Spring in Shelby Park. That was an interesting call I missed today. Homesickness hits at the oddest times, you know? The New Albanian Brewing Company's new location is pretty sweet, especially with those overhead doors...dig it. One week and Summer League starts up! Psalm 106 hits's so easy to forget what the Lord has done. I suck at this game. Thanks for the pointed commentary, Mrs. BG&H. Speaking of that, how do the Bangles rate? Happy birthday, Kiddo...I was royally bummed I missed the festivities.

posted by Bolo | 11:10 PM
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