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I was in the middle of a roasting session when I got a message from Pastor Ryan. He's in Romania at the moment, and he asked me to give his wife a call so that she could get online and the two of them could IM back and forth. Well, it turned into a mini tech-support session, as Christy -- truthfully -- claims she's not the most tech-savvy person ever born, and it took a little multi-tasking to get it all going. What sort of multi-tasking? All told, there was about five minutes during the roast process of a batch of Ethiopia Korito Koran DP to Full City+ where I was talking to Christy on the phone, chatting with Ryan -- after initially thinking I was chatting with Christy -- on their two gmail accounts while Christy watched us chat, and getting Christy set up on one of their accounts. If you're lost in trying to follow all of this, just understand that it felt a little odd for me to be an instrument for setting up international communication between my pastor and his wife. Even more awesomely, the roast was perfect.


posted by Bolo | 7:30 PM
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