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I think all of my nephews remind their mothers and aunties of me...a lot...can't possibly imagine why. Kane and I can talk about things other than coffee...but why would we want to do that? I had the worst set of games all season on Saturday, which just so happened to be the End of Season Tournament. Okay, so I had my one big un-Hitched moment...quite amusing, you have to admit. This little bit of IMV is sweet with strawberry and cherry notes, so sweet it's almost tart, if that makes any sense. If nothing else, this past weekend taught me a tiny bit of the difference between being and bone-dry and saturated to the point of overflowing...spiritually, that is. That reverse press/pull that I've been thinking about for a while worked like a charm. I'm pretty bummed that I missed last Friday's commencement ceremony, if only because I keep thinking of all the friends -- little brothers and sisters, really -- that graduated, and thinking of how much I would have loved to share that day with them. Gosh, I want to see Jesus, really, really badly...but not, I think, nearly so much as He longs to see me...and I need to ponder that more. Juan, my neighbor, deacon, and professional photographer, asked me why I don't carry my camera around much anymore; I didn't have a really good answer for him. Frank's on Preston is stellar; all Louisville residents should be hitting it up more often. Ash is right, I need to reconsider doing a coffee house review.

posted by Bolo | 12:40 PM
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