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There were two ladies walking some poodles in Shelby Park just a little while of those poodles was pink, and another was purple. I love how Tay replaces an f-sound for all of the th-sounds in the words he today, he told me about Norf Carolina. I have no open evenings for like...ever, it seems. No, Jackson B. Riddle, you haven't really lost 24 inches on your vertical leap. If I'm honest, I'll have to say that I'm a little disappointed in that roast of the Panama Esmeralda Gesha 2008 Lot 3 Peaberry that I just did. Okay, Kiddo, it was close to begging...but if it had worked, it would have been magic! Kewalo's + John = Happy. Dang, I really wanna go to Ninth Street again. I think Johnny 5 is going to do fairly well for ourselves this summer league season I have a long post I'm working on, but it probably won't come out until tomorrow night. I love my care group. Ryan Szrama, too. I played some pretty crappy disc today, but a reworking of my flick grip is gonna be my excuse for a few more weeks. The soon-to-be Mrs. Gronotte's bouquet-thrust has got to be one of the best wedding maneuvers I've ever seen. Yes, our pastors dance at our weddings, and a couple of 'em were led in Thriller by the groom. Speaking of weddings, the love of weddings is a biblical love. Jeffo's sneaky 5th anniversary thievery is pure ballsy genius. Ruszkiewicz and I had about three post-frisbee conversations in the span of two minutes that nobody else was really able to follow.

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