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Lisa, one of my sisters, wrote to Mary, one of my other sisters, to inform Mary of her son's exploits. This is taken directly from the Facebook wall post:

Funny story...I told Kason to go take a bath and sent him to get his clothes out of the van. He comes back and tells me that he needs a white shirt for May Day tomorrow and he knows that he gave it to you. Duh! I tell him it's in Hilo right now. I ask him where his underwear is, and he doesn't know. So, I tell him to go to the bathroom and take off his underwear and throw it into my wash that's going now. He gives me this funny look, so I assume he doesn't want to do it. I said, "I know you wear shorts w/o underwear, so just go do it, and you'll get it back when it's dry." He tells me it's not a special occasion (lightbulb!). Then he tells me that he can wear the same shirt for school tomorrow, so I send him to throw it in the washer. As we're standing there, he tells me, "it's not a special occasion today, but it is tomorrow." Dang, I am still cracking up!!!! Good thing there's that basket of clothes still in the laundry area!

I can't make this stuff up, really, I can't!

posted by Bolo | 2:41 AM
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