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Wrote the following in an email to a bunch of guys today...I think I like it.

I've wondered often this past week if I'll ever really LEARN. You know what I'm talking about...time and time again, we go to visit that same old sin, like the adulteress going in to her part-time lover. It's a painfully true picture that God tells Hosea to paint; we, like Gomer, leave the One who claims us. I know in my head that I am loved, that I am truly free. Yet, what is given freely I will not take! Many is the time I've turned away from the Lord, forsaking His lovingkindness and compassion. Why? It's foolishness, utter foolishness! I look into my heart, and I see a sick, twisted desire for many delights that are not of God. Yet I know that God has claimed me for His own. I am His child, friend, the bride of Christ, the shee p of His pasture, a temple of the Holy Spirit...the list goes on! How the Lord does not despise me is truly a work of Grace, one that my mind cannot fathom.

I thought last night of the cross of Christ. In my head, I've often seen Jesus nailed there, nearly spent. Now, being on a seminary/bible college campus, there's plenty of opportunity for me to delve into the theological aspects of the crucifixion. But I find that all the theology in my head doesn't help me find justification in why God would put Himself on that cross. Perhaps one of the best ways to describe this is to think of Isaiah 6, a scene in scripture that, I'm assuming, we would all be familiar with. God is sitting upon the throne, with angels around Him. There is utter reverence for the Lord...angels covering their faces and feet, smoke filling the temple, the temple trembling, and Isaiah crying out, "Woe is me, for I am ruined!" Now, the picture I have of Christ is one of a pretty ordinary looking dude, very unlike the blonde hair, blue-eyed type they put in movies. I've always thought of Christ as being God in the flesh...but to think of the God depicted in Isaiah 6, nailed to a really does go beyond me. This same God, whom angels cover their faces in the presence of, does not shy to bend down to pick me up and hold me now, because He's already been to the cross. God the Father has already turned away from God the Son. What could be worse for Him? I suppose that therein lies the answer to my heart; God's taken the worse He could possibly dish out upon Himself, and nothing I could do would ever approach God's retribution.

posted by Bolo | 2:55 PM
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