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In Moderation

So what if every other post seems to be about coffee or Twitter? Or, in some cases, both? I find Dr. Moore's tweets to be way freakin' funny, especially this one, talking about the celebration of John Calvin's 500th birthday:

What do moderate Calvinists like me do on Calvin's birthday? Cake, yes, but with enough ice cream for the WHOLE WORLD.

While I'm at it, I'll tell you what happened when Warren and I were headed home from work that day and heard Dr. Moore on the radio. Dr. Moore said that he had a couple of guests lined up, one a five-point Calvinist, the other a five-point Arminian. I told Warren that I could tell I'd been under the influence of Southern Seminary -- and other such reformed bodies of thinking -- for quite a while because when I heard Dr. Moore tell of the five-point Arminian, I got excited in the same way you do when someone tells you that they have a huge alligator in their bathtub: "Ooohhh, can I see it? Is it still alive? Does it bite? Can't you get in trouble for having one of those?"

Gosh, I need to get out more.

posted by Bolo | 10:49 PM
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