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I'm blatantly borrowing this from my brother, since it's too funny not to share:

If I was working for Apple, I'd suggest the following products. I doubt they will ever be brought to market but you never know. Let's go, Steve Jobs, get on it...

• iBall – Good for throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing and rolling but tends to turn red and have that “glazed” look when exposed to marijuana smoke.

• iDrops – For use on the iBall after being exposed to marijuana smoke to combat redness and the glazed look.

• iLid – Used to cover the iBall, especially in “sleep” mode. Also enables "wink" and "blink" functions.

• iLash – Add-on accessory for the iLid, it helps keep dust and debris away from the iBall. Extensions available.

• iShadow – Optional color schemes for the iLid.

• iLiner – Used to accent the iBall for a sexier look. For use primarily by females, rock stars and actors.

• iBrow – Generally attached above the iLid for aesthetic purposes but can be plucked or waxed to adjust shape. Use in conjuction with iBrowpencil.

• iGlasses – Helps to keep the iBall in focus, especially as it gets older.

• iContacts – An advanced version of the iGlasses, it attaches itself directly to the iBall, eliminating the need for an external frame.

• iDunno – For use by kids (my nephew has been field testing this for a while now) to answer adult’s questions when they know they’ve screwed up but can’t think of a good excuse when confronted. Other variations include “iCantremember” and “iDontrecall.”

• iRate – For use by adults when stupid kids use the iDunno too frequently.

• iSlapyourhead – For use by adults on stupid kids when the iRate just doesn’t seem to be working. Definitely one of the most underused products today.

• iKickyour@$$ - For use when iSlapyourhead is not effective. Not necessarily for everyday use but if it must be utilized, apply liberally.

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Roasting Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from the "Wednesday Morning Cup" post that I wrote about the Kenya Kirinyaga AA we pressed here in the office:

For those of you curious about the roasting details, this was roasted on Sunday night to roughly a City to City+ roast. First crack occurred somewhere after 11 minutes (I don't have my roast notes on me, so this is just from memory), and the total roast time was about 14:30. The idea was to drop the heat just before it hit first crack and let the roast coast a little as it went through the roast development stage, lingering very gently so as to let first crack fade a little toward the end. I've done this more and more with this year's Kenyas and I've gotten results that I've loved. The acidity isn't quite so sharp, giving a slightly more balanced cup, which I feel allows more of the sweetness and delicate characteristics of each coffee to shine through.

Unfortunately, the Prima Coffee site isn't live yet, so even though I'm going to link to the full post here, it's still not accessible for most of you. Oops.

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I Suited Up

Gotta love what Lang did with these...

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Psalm 119:11
Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

All too often, I find that my thoughts are not of the LORD. In those times, should my eyes look toward Him, I feel disinclined to gaze overly long, lest I feel the sting of conviction and displeasure. I'm reminded of my younger nephews -- or even my older ones -- when they are disobedient. Their body language changes; gone is the carefree, unblushing excitement and curiosity, replaced by a shirking, dodging attitude. They stand there, looking anywhere but into the eyes of the adult speaking to them.

I feel like I'm looking into the eyes of my Father when I sin. I know what is right and what is wrong; regarding that, I have no excuse. Yet, what do His eyes desire? That I not sin against Him? Yes. But what do they require? Absolute obedience? Absolutely. And has Christ done that? Yes. And has He given me Christ, His Word Incarnate? Yes. So, although He has given His word as a means to obey Him, He has also given His Word as a means to know Him, to be one with Him.

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In the Cup

Glen's bid for a cup of coffee this morning was quite entertaining, even if it went a bit awry.

Glenjamin: good morning
John: top o' the mornin' to ye
Glenjamin: have you ever heard the jingle ♪ the best part of waking up is latodo in your cup! ♫
John: um
I've not
Glenjamin: well. it's running through my head for some reason
John: hmmmm
who's latodo?
Glenjamin: that...and songs from Beaches...the movie
I spelled it wrong didn't i.
John: quite
Glenjamin: how is it spelled.
John: letoto
Glenjamin: darn.

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Good Morning, Window

The view from my kitchen window this morning.

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Espresso 101: Syllabus

Required reading.

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