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Roasting Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from the "Wednesday Morning Cup" post that I wrote about the Kenya Kirinyaga AA we pressed here in the office:

For those of you curious about the roasting details, this was roasted on Sunday night to roughly a City to City+ roast. First crack occurred somewhere after 11 minutes (I don't have my roast notes on me, so this is just from memory), and the total roast time was about 14:30. The idea was to drop the heat just before it hit first crack and let the roast coast a little as it went through the roast development stage, lingering very gently so as to let first crack fade a little toward the end. I've done this more and more with this year's Kenyas and I've gotten results that I've loved. The acidity isn't quite so sharp, giving a slightly more balanced cup, which I feel allows more of the sweetness and delicate characteristics of each coffee to shine through.

Unfortunately, the Prima Coffee site isn't live yet, so even though I'm going to link to the full post here, it's still not accessible for most of you. Oops.

posted by Bolo | 4:17 PM
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