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Seattle Recap: Day 1

I'm going to do two types of written posts concerning Seattle: Recaps and Thoughts. In the Recaps, I'll just give a bit of running commentary, summing up what Kenny, Pablo and I did in the Emerald City. In the Thoughts, I'll take the time to ruminate over what happened, doing so in a much more free-flowing manner.

We flew out of Louisville at the butt-crack of dawn with a layover in Minneapolis before we headed way west to Seattle. While waiting at our gate at SDF, I brewed up some of PT's Wondo Bonko using a Clever. Not bad for airport coffee, I assure you.

Fast-forward past our arrival and pickup and settling in at our host's house in Bellevue, just outside of Seattle. The first coffee destination? Victrola on 15th Avenue. We also hit up 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, Tougo Coffee, an already closed Porchlight, Stumptown, then Caffe Vita and Vivace. Espresso and more was obtained -- some more enjoyable than others -- at each stop, and a wonderful experience was in the making.

posted by Bolo | 4:51 PM
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