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It's been over a month. No preamble, no explanation, no random logic as way of reason; merely an unforeseen hiatus from the blogosphere. Twitter can't be blamed since a hundred and forty characters is hardly enough for my overly-verbose and long-winded self to express that which longs to explode from within me. Nor, for that matter, can a suddenly busier schedule, one filled with "work"...lots and lots of it, truth be told. What, then? No real reason; at least, not one that I feel capable of giving voice to here. A part of me was fine with this; another part of me felt like I was missing something.

Within the past few days, I've had a handful of unrelated incidences that have caused me to think about my little corner of the web, which has, ironically enough, seemed to have collected a few "cyber-cobwebs" here and there. The last post was published well over a month ago, unceremoniously and mysteriously announcing the fact that I had been thinking about haoles. My blog silence prompted a couple of recent inquiries from friends that will occasionally read what my mind churns out. One semi-anonymous reader commented on an old post; one that, ironically enough, speaks about how I had felt unable to blog. Last night, I sat in Sunergos and read Kenny a couple of posts that I had written a long while back, posts on topics that revealed things both wonderful and vulnerable, profound and intimate.

Why say all this? What's the point of this rambling? I'm not certain. Writing is a form of communication; sometimes, the very act of writing is communication enough, for no one needs to read what I write here in order for me to feel that I've been heard. Strange how that works, isn't it?

posted by Bolo | 8:57 PM
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