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This Coffee Sucks

This is the description I put down for the event on Facebook:

This is a little workshop on learning how to brew with what's known as a vacuum/syphon/siphon brewing system. I'll provide the materials, split you up into teams, give you some instruction and information to sort through and absorb, and you go at it for a couple of hours. We'll have fun, learn a LOT about coffee, be frustrated by the fact that we're walking away feeling stupider than when we started, and generally have a good time. Hopefully :)

It turned out to be a heck of a lot of fun, actually. At least, that was the feedback I got from everyone. I set up three complete sets of syphon brewing systems, butane burners included, and gave each group several printed threads of discussion from

My goal was more than just to give people some hands-on experience with a method of brewing they'd never before brewed with; in reality, I wanted to challenge their perceptions of what coffee should or should not do or should or should not taste like, and, in doing so, be forced to think rigorously about why coffee is the way it is. Don't misunderstand me: I don't think we arrived at any sort of conclusions. What we did accomplish, though, was the hard-earned acquisition of a tiny bit more experiential coffee knowledge, an acquisition that was a heck of a lot of fun.

I'm totally jacking Moatsy's TwitPic picture for this post:

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