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A Coffee Tasting: Menu

Just about 24 hours ago, I was in the middle of roasting some dry-processed Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley. Four batches, each one weighing 227 grams pre-roast, to be exact. The problem with that? I had only planned on roasting two batches but had screwed up the middle two batches.

I felt quite persnickety about the whole thing, I did. I needed to wake up for work in the morning, and really, would the two degrees of difference really matter? Well, yes. Roasting for espresso, especially single-origin espresso, seems to be quite an unforgiving endeavor, and I wanted to get it just right, you know? These two batches were to be combined and set aside to be pulled as espresso shots that would be turned into cappuccinos, creations of milk and espresso that would sing with dense, creamy berry notes and swirl with hints of chocolate and fruit cocktail.

So yes, it mattered.

Two extra roasts later than planned, I finished my roasting session for the evening, content in the notion that I didn't stop until I was satisfied with the finished product. Those intoxicating cappuccinos will be the proof.

posted by Bolo | 11:58 PM
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