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Solitary Smoke

Just sat on the back roof outside of my kitchen window while the sun made its way down to the horizon. I had wanted to read a little bit while having a nice solitary smoke with my trusty church warden, and as I did so, I pondered the essence of this thing called "life".

Last night, the Kiddo asked me why my blog was gone. As I've said before, I deleted it on a whim, and I felt really good about that. I feel as though I'd lost track of something, lost sight of where I was headed. Sometimes when hiking, I would get lost in the wonder of the woods I passed through. The smells of the flowers and the crunchy splosh of my footfalls were enough to keep me company on my lonely jaunts. So long as I knew I had a path and a destination, my sojourns through nature were joyful and peaceful even if I didn't always know the path or had ever been to my destination.

Sometimes, though, life starts to get a little dark. We lose sight of the path, and in doing so, the idyllic quiet gives way to a terrifying loneliness. We don't know where we are, we don't know what's around us, and we just want out.

Especially when we feel we can't get out.

I told Rev yesterday that I'm prone to not giving people a fair shake, to thinking they can't handle what I'll give to them. I guess you could say it's pretty preposterous to walk through life alone, especially when so many of us are trying as desperately as we can to live Christ-centered lives on paths that seem to get dark and lonely all too quickly.

Especially when we feel we've forgotten where we're going.

posted by Bolo | 7:58 PM
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