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Wake Up!

The alarm clock showed 7:32 when I looked at it. It wasn't blaring, nor was it blinking, nor was it doing anything else that would indicate the need for me to be awake and giving it any sort of attention. The darn thing sometimes reminds me of a two year-old, one that wakes up prior to the sun's rising, faithfully telling me each morning, "Wake up, Uncle Johnny! It's time to wake up! Time to go to work! Hurry, Uncle Johnny!" Ugh. No, if anything, the hunk of black plastic and green LED numbering was eerily quiet, as was the rest of my apartment this Saturday morning in early February. Why, then, was I awake? Beats me, but waking up early to a silent alarm clock is like waking up early and seeing your two year-old niece or nephew standing there staring at you, and when you roll over in bed, open your eyes and see the little nerd, it mouths, "Good morning, Uncle Johnny!" to you.

Truth be told, I'm glad I've stumbled upon a few moments to sit and write. This time of day is perfect for that. There's ironing to do, suiting up to be done, and coffee to be brewed. But right now? Nothing that screams for my attention. So I sit, and I write.

Okay. I'm done. Off to go get ready for the day.

posted by Bolo | 8:02 AM
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