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Yes, I wear cuff links, but only because french cuffs require cuff links and to not wear them would be ridiculous of me, not unlike wearing shoes without the laces. There was a card table under that top? Sara Kandt is Scrabble-nerd enough to have watched Scrabble tournaments via satellite TV. One of these days, Ashlea will finish that invitation...maybe. Every so often, when I think something is a crappy job, I immediately hear James McCray's voice, and I smile. Dang, last night was about as close to perfect as it gets: good food, good smoke, good beer, great weather, stellar company, and a little Hold 'Em. Shelby Park was a great spot to throw the disc yesterday. Black Sun! For the record, "Hanging out with Beans" doesn't mean I'm eating chili or any other food containing beans, it means exactly what it says: I'm hanging out with Beans. I'll take sixty-degree weather every day of the week here in the 'Ville. I dig the shots of those three from October; they look quite nice in that little book. Time with the old-haired one last week was like the proverbial water to a thirsty man. Chicago in a week and a half, Texas in about a month, Atlanta a month after I just need to make like a young man and go West. So he didn't win a Grammy; they're still members at Immanuel, and that's still pretty awesome. This Kebado is delicious! If he's a super-ugly version of Moisan, is there a super-pretty version? In one of my more ridiculous moments, I told Dominic I would make a shirt for the party that said, "Toto and Flame: Too Much Hotness!" Miss Sailor's four-letter slip-up at the reception shall remain amusing for a very, very, very long time.

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