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The Somethings and Whatshisnames

In one of my dreams last night, I was talking to someone about Dr. Tom Nettles. Don't know why we were talking about him, we just were. The only thing was, in my dream, I couldn't remember his last name, so I kept referring to him as "Dr. Tom Something." Well, the other person seemed a little clueless as to precisely which SBTS professor I was talking about, and since I could not remember Dr. Tom Something's last name, I explained to this person, "Well, his son's family goes to Immanuel. I know his son's name is Robert, and Robert's wife is Lori, and they named their son Beren, which is freakin' cool. So Dr. Tom Something has a grandson named Beren Something." And this is where it gets awkward. Not like this isn't awkward for you as it is, reading about my wigged-out dream. Anyway. The person with whom I am speaking -- I'll refer to him as Dude from here on out -- says to me, "Oh, I know them...that's Dr. Whatshisname's family!" You see, they were convinced that Robert and Lori and Beren and Violet, Beren's sister, had the last name of Whatshisname, not Something. Follow? So I told Dude, "No way, they're Somethings! I'll prove it to you." And in my hands instantly appears a copy of the latest SBTS directory. We look up Dr. Whatshisname in the directory under Whatshisname, and lo and behold, some old guy I don't recognize is being proclaimed as Dr. Whatshisname, right there under the listings for the Whatshisnames, as well as Robert under Robert Whatshisname. Dang.

At this point in my dream, I came to the only logical conclusion possible, which you may have, too, if you've managed to follow: someone had placed a magic spell over Dr. Something, making everyone forget Dr. Something and rewriting history so that Dr. Something seemingly never existed, even going so far as to reroute Dr. Whatshisname's familial ties to Robert, thus making almost everyone, Dude included, believe that Dr. Something -- who really is Dr. Nettles, of course -- never really existed. Except for me, quite naturally, since I remembered that Dr. Nettles really existed, even if I could only remember him as Dr. Something.

Isn't that something?

posted by Bolo | 12:46 PM
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