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I'm a closet sports geek. Well, those of you who read this regularly know I really dig Notre Dame football, but I grew up following the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, and the University of Hawai'i baseball team. Lisa always bought me season tickets to the baseball games at Rainbow Stadium, back when my name was on the seat. Literally. Section J, Row 1, Seat 9. While I'm still peeved I never caught a foul ball, my lack of foul byproduct does nothing to discount my sports geekiness; I used to memorize the college football Top 25, follow players through the minor leagues, and read trivia books on players from decades long past. The fact that Derek Jeter is from Kalamazoo, MI, will likely be stuck in my head until I die, the Boston College game in '93 still makes me kinda cry, and I still remember being awed by seeing UCLA's Troy Glaus playing shortstop -- yes, he was a shortstop in college, kids -- against UH in Rainbow Stadium.

posted by Bolo | 9:46 PM
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