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I really, finally, get to meet Noah in a month. Those bite-sized Frosted Mini-Wheats are on the desk, Mr. V-Neck "Beans" Youngblood, and they're soon to be in the mouth. I forgot about that whole "Sojourn women" comment...apparently, Audra hasn't. I can tell it's definitely time to shave my head when I can see the white hairs shining in the light when I look in the mirror. Szrama really did say that his brother bought a life-sized cutout of Princess Leah, didn't he? Don't worry, Kandt, I'd never make a twenty-game bet with you like I have going with Moisan. It's terrible to realize that no matter how awesome the beans, how awesome the roasts, or how awesome the brews, I can still get bored with a stellar coffee if there's no variation tossed in there. Gotta love -- and mildly, instinctively cringe at -- Crowther's statement: "Arizona Green Tea...where Asians and Native Americans collide." I'm incredibly grateful for that little chat Ryan and I month later, it's still rocking me in the face. When Doublevee claims that something is, "better than food at Young's," you know he isn't fooling around. Emily Joy's little comment to Eric was undeniably awkward, awkward, awkward...but eerily implausible, and therefore, hilarious! She really was ahead with what couldn't have been more than ten tiles left in the bag. Can we dub thee, "Kiddo the Sailor"?

posted by Bolo | 1:28 PM
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