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Now that she's married, I'm sorely tempted to change her entry in my phone from "JVizzle" to "JSizzle". Brown velvet: I dig. know what time it is, Little Richard! A coffee what, V-Neck? No matter what else can be said of her, I'll certainly give Michelle Obama a nod in acknowledging her fashionable eye. I've been on a Latin American roasting kick lately, and it's proven to be enjoyable and tasty. Awkward goodbyes are pretty freakin' awesome, aren't they, Moatsy? Catching up with old friends from high school can be a sobering reminder: I've been out of school for a decade. I like the fact that my date thinks I'm charming. so. I think I pulled a Ricky on Ricky, and now I owe Ricky what I was holding for Ricky...dang. Esmeralda intimidated me, and I've no problem acknowledging that. Sorry, little buddy...I'll buy you your first beer. I highly doubt that's a stat that will be repeated. If Mr. Pie comes to Chicago toward the end of February, I'm thinking he may be able to see at least one coffee-crazed buddy from the Old Country. No matter how much I try, I still can't wrap my head around the security needed for today's festivities in Washington. Miss Emily Vaughn knows her alphabet...or, at the very least, the fifth and sixth letters. I could use fifty more degrees. Looks like I may have given Mrs. O enough incentive to convince Mr. O that he must see me. It's good to know my fingers and thumbs can still cause Michael such pleasurable pain. A little coffee for a little cheesecake is a fair trade in my book...pun incidental, not intended. It takes a special dude to score 17 the way Galyon did. Yeah, about that rainbow, Mr. do that. Four weddings in eight days is a lot of weddings, even if you're a wedding crasher. I'll never think about the word "eject" in quite the same way again. Beans, I'm thinking we need to play Ted's game, whaddaya say? No, I don't work at Sunergos.

posted by Bolo | 5:55 PM
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