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Lyle had a really awesome look on his face when he got that awesome hug from his awesome friend. I dig the fact that my play of POLITY helped seal the deal in that come-from-behind Scrabble match. I know, Boss, I know...the Surf Crew needs a reunion tour. When I really want to get a good whiff of that blueberry note in an Ethiopian, I do the near-heretical: I take several sips from a very different cup to create an astounding contrast, one that will really set that blueberry on its own. Temperatures in the fifties make me itch to chase some plastic. I know what Jeesh was doing at 2:47 this afternoon. I realized today that I even if I don't need the coffee, I begin to get restless and feel a need to roast if I've not roasted for a day or two. Tiny needs to watch that appetite; it can be dangerous. Yeah, that Payne totally heard me dissin' his team's bowl showing. A Yama and a Cona might be in the future of my kitchen...just because. I love that O'Neal kid. I realized something else today: I have a very, very, very strong series of thoughts concerning those conversations you've had with Chris, Young Butterworth. I miss 'em all, I do...Kayla, Kyle, Kason, Kavin, Koen, Zayney, Zayvin, and wittwe Makana. That SCAA thingamajig in April necessitates a road trip, boys. I don't care how old you are, there's no excuse for thinking Bon Jovi is singing, "Shot through the heart, and you're too late!" It's Friday, folks, and I'm done with the workin' week. Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley = chocolate-laced blueberry syrup. It takes a very special kind of individual to be able to forever taint burritos for Mrs. Sieg. I found it quite odd that at 12:30 in the morning, while chatting with her on Facebook, Maria asked me to ask her roommate, Amanda, if the two of them could meet for lunch the next day when Maria found out I'd recently been text-messaging with Amanda.

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