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Thoughts: Christmas in PA

For the record, a Zassenhaus Turkish Hand Mill looks like a pretty suspicious object when going through the security screening checkpoint at the airport. Seriously, how many members of Immanuel Baptist Church, Sojourn Community Church, and the Louisville Ultimate Frisbee Association were at SDF on Tuesday? Okay, maybe it was Tommy Kinnaird II, not Tommy Kinnaird. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that whole sin-cross-grace-glory thing. That old dude in McDonald's was straight outta the 50's, no lie. I doubt I'll ever forget the whole, "I thought there was no way you didn't know, but then when I thought about it, I couldn't remember telling you," thing. Greetings, Gizmo! Two hours on the 422, a mere two exits away, without being able to move an inch, only cements my claim that 'Drew and I could be stuck virtually anywhere together and still treat it like a chat at the kitchen table. Hehe...the bottle. Udon! Yeah, we found Tokyo in New Jersey. Da buggahs was 'ono! Seriously, ten bucks for that? Toro...oh, the toro! Is it terrible that the entire time we were there, I kept commenting on how jealous Rev would be? Go Irish! Speaking of commenting, there's nothing like Letoto and Uchida going at it on Facebook, tandem-style, especially when the big-headed Korean kids and their mom are around to respond. Can't forget Meat Jhun, either! Darius was in Lion King, wasn't he? Maybe I'm a little too smugly satisfied with myself, but I did manage to make 'em change the rules by game domination. Leah has boogers, and now the world has seen them. It's good to know that Nick Crouse is still Nick Crouse. It's 'cause you're too busy, Maile! Glad the mug was put to immediate use. Yup, I said I would wear it, and now I do. I have a feeling we'll be having many more conversations about church like that, brother...many more. That oil just sticks to you. I think my skin felt a little darker after giving directions to Mangela. Yup, those waves were just sick. How 'bout them apples? Just to be clear, the roads in New Jersey and New York are in no way kind to a rather full bladder. An Apple Store on every corner, eh? Stumptown's Hairfreakin'bender Blend...oh my...gotta love what the folks at Ninth Street do with it. I definitely was not grumpy when leaving Grumpy. Jack's wins on ambiance, even if it was teeny bit tiny. Getting a table at Joe's wasn't too difficult after all. Man, I could go back to Gimme! and talk to them for hours, I'm sure of it. It's always a little strange being the John, but I'll take it if that means I get to meet awesome people. Nothing like a little football in PA, right? *Whew*...I'm glad I made it onto that First-Class, no less!

posted by Bolo | 5:40 PM
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