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Six Years Ago

Six years ago, I was 23. The space shuttle Columbia was still operational, Facebook did not exist, and the Red Sox were still under the Curse. Six years ago, I'd still not yet experienced what was then the worst month of my life, had not yet met a certain brown and gray and white-haired young man, and had no reason to go to Pennsylvania for Christmas. The phrase, "Well, basically," held no significant meaning for me, and I had, as yet, no experiential understanding that skunks really did make people smell bad. Boss had not stayed in Japan yet, four more nephews were still to be born, and one more niece was still to be adopted. Six years ago, I had not roasted one single coffee bean, and had not yet heard one joke about how long I'd been at Boyce College.

Six years ago was January 13, 2003, and it was my first day away from home. A lot has happened since then...a lot.

posted by Bolo | 10:55 PM
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