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She Said What?

Since the Kiddo has repeatedly made known the fact that she holds a great deal of angst against me for not having quoted her on my wall, I figure it was high time that I post this compilation here for all to see. Note that it is still not on my wall, but in a post. Hah!

"Oh believe me...I have blueberries coming out of my pores. My whole room smells like 'em. Just ask my ladies; they'll tell you that I am beginning to take on a bluish tint. I am Madame Blueberry (yes, that is a Veggie Tales reference)."

"I do not drool. I have never drooled. I do not anticipate a drooling trend to ensue simply due to my singed taste buds."

"*&$% #@$% *&%$, leave the *&%$ing e's alone."

"It will be at least a week before I will be able to eat sushi. I'm so depressed. I think I am going to go throw some furniture out my window."

"I have neither made your quote wall, nor been alluded to (at the very least) in a blog. And for that, I am eternally depressed. Farewell, Johnny."

"Well, if I had known that I needed to use profanity to finally get on your quote wall, I would have started swearing a long time ago..."

"You are the only person that can exploit my family and get away with it."

"Well, at least we are in agreement about something. I hate coffee. Can't stand it. Ummm...but seriously, can I come by tomorrow for coffee?"

"I mean, when two home-schoolers try to give each other a high-five it's bound to happen."

"I think that very well might be the closest any one has ever come to swearing on my wall. Next time, just go for it. I can take any four-letter word you dish out."

"Let the record show that I did not tell you to 'do coke,' but to simply drink a Coke."

"I don't drool. How many times do I have to say this?"

"Well, the record also shows that you never quote Katie Vaughn on your infamous wall of quotes. So don't get my hopes up."

posted by Bolo | 2:50 PM
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