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Quotes: SWFWDA

After a somewhat long hiatus, the SWFWDA strikes again. As you can read for yourselves, she's in this for the long haul...whatever "this" is.

"I think Lindsay plans to see if she can perpetuate the bouquet-magnet theory. You see, I've been hit with the bouquet at nearly every wedding I've been to. It has landed on my head, even in my dress."

"If you still have a blog when I'm 80, I'll let you know what kind of compliments I'm getting from my nursing home boyfriend. I guess it's presumptuous of me to decide that I will have a nursing home die off a lot faster. I imagine the competition will be fierce."

"Hey, they've been known to stick around for a second year with no better reason than that. No one's been quite crazy enough to consider a lifetime subscription, though. Evidently, there are limits to the curiosity of men. I think it kicks in when they start considering the possibility that sticking around much longer could result in their child(ren) sharing fifty percent of my genetic code."

"At this rate, I'm going to make a great second wife for someone."

"I have to try to figure out what to wear to a birthday party when one wishes to appear presentable without playing into the birthday girl's desire to throw me at her brother...whom she has decided I will be marrying. Since I do not wish to have my marriage arranged, it would be best to blend into the wallpaper as thoroughly as possible I considered a really hideous sweatshirt, but that seemed like overkill. Hey, if people are going to try and fix me up without asking, that's fine...but I might be a bit uncooperative. I'm not going to sit under the table with my plate and eat with my hands or anything...but a bad fashion day could happen to anyone."

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