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Ground Zero

There's nothing really spectacular to this video's contents. We happened to get a little turned around while trying to get to the Holland Tunnel, and as we passed by for the second time, I took out the camera and took this footage.

I still remember, quite vividly, Rob calling at four-something in the morning Hawai'i time, telling me to turn on the TV. I remember thinking we'd been hacked again, and that that meant that I'd have to drag my butt into the office and deal with whatever it was we would have to deal with. I remember asking him what channel I had to tune into, and him telling me that it didn't matter. I remember seeing the buildings, and the smoke, and then watching as they updated the world and told us that the world as we knew it was crumbling, going to hell in a hand basket, just like those towers. Sadly, many people have far worse memories of that day.

posted by Bolo | 10:52 AM
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