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25: 1

Since "everybody" is doing those 25 things about themselves, I figured I'd go ahead and do it here. Well, kind of, since I'm going to do them one at a time, and quite possibly, one per day until I hit the required amount, or until I deem you, my readership, sufficiently bored with random things about me. Let's be honest, though: if you're still reading this, it's highly doubtful that a near-month's worth of random facts and figures about yours truly is going to bore you enough to drive you away, right?

Yup. I thought so.

Anyhow, without further ado or evidence of intellectual backsliding on my part, here goes...

1. Guilty pleasure music? Ain't no guilt here, but some would be ashamed to admit that they once listened to and still listen to Debbie Gibson, the Bee Gees, or Cheap Trick. For that matter, it could also be noted that I was listening to Shane & Shane, Indelible Grace, and Sandra McCracken before I moved a little over two hours north of Nashville. Of course, Athlete is coming out of the speakers right now, and I've no doubt that Newcomers Home, Sinatra, Ho'okena, Rob Zombie, David Mead, Na Leo, Smash Mouth, Miles Davis, Marilyn Manson, and Billy Joel all will, too, before my roasting session for the evening is over.

posted by Bolo | 10:15 PM
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