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I sit in my apartment right now, eyeballs slightly achy, nose a little stuffy, thoughts racing like bumper cars, and I really, really, really want to write. If I didn't have to wake up in the morning and go to work, I probably would down a little coffee -- well, a lot of coffee -- and get to it. Instead, I type out this half-baked stream of thought.

Such is life, right?

I want to tell all of you about my night last night, a night that consisted of alternating between brewing coffee in a cluttered kitchen while letting my Sojourn and Sunergos friends smell the dry and wet grounds and speaking to various individuals about coffee in general and the brewed coffees in particular. While I really want to tell you what some of those individuals said and did, I won't because I feel humbled and encouraged beyond my ability or right to share any of that. At least, not yet.

I want to unveil and give verbal shape and form to the weighty truths of conviction I've felt placed upon my heart this week.

I would love nothing more than to speak to my nieces and nephews, in person, and give them a hug. Of course, I would also like to detail exactly why I want to do that more this year than in any other year prior, but I don't think I least, not yet.

I think I'd like to take a week just to sit and think and write...of course, I've already written about that a few times recently, so this comes as nothing new to any of you. Seriously, though, I'm feeling the need for it. Consider it not merely a need to process, but more than that, a need for creative outlet.

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