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That look on Lang's face was absolutely priceless. Okay, so maybe I did get a bit of dog hair with that cookie. The third shot was great, but I think we could have dialed it in to make it stellar if we had had more time. I still find it ridiculous that the first person who told me about Tim Tebow was Ridiculous. I still want to chase plastic. So I locked the keys in least Warren has a spare...right? "Hey Brooks, can I get a latte?" Yes, it tasted like beer! You just know they weren't really going to walk back. RichardtheLionheart777, right, Ricky? Makana told her daddy that he looks handsome, just like her Uncle Johnny. Yes, Stephanie Keith, I'm really 29. "Do you have some sort of certification? Like, E-M-T or F-A-G?" I love the fact that I figured it out on my own, then confirmed it with Rev. Seriously, it's not like I go around telling people their fashion foibles or anything...I can't help it if I see them, though. Wow, they separated quickly. Jeesh, the ladies think you should have put a mole on your face for the know, to make it a little more lifelike.

posted by Bolo | 1:57 AM
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